We're Over Summer—Here's What We're Buying for Early Fall

We are currently living in the annoying purgatory that is not quite summer, but not yet fall. While the weather has yet to permit the après-ski sweaters and Balenciaga puffer jackets of the world, there does happen to be some wiggle room for welcoming in a few of the more climate-appropriate trends of the coming season. Since we are preaching to the choir in regards to getting ahead of the fall's hottest trends (ahem, you!), these early-fall outfit ideas we have curated for you are not only wearable right in this very moment, but they are also guaranteed to be looks that will dominate the season ahead. 

To give you a hint, we've rounded up some of the greatest street style stars who are already wearing velvet dresses over T-shirts, lace silk camisoles over button-downs, and canyon dresses galore. If those outfit formulas aren't music to your ears, then you should probably brush up on your knowledge of fall trends because those, my friends, happen to be the crème de la crème. 

Keep reading to see the early-fall outfits we are guaranteed to see everywhere this season!