You Need to Start Wearing This Gorgeous Fall Shoe Trend Right Now

Have you ever come home after purchasing a gorgeous brand-new pair of shoes—shoes so pretty you don't know whether you should frame them in a shadow box or actually wear them—and felt proud of yourself for treating yourself to the finer things in life? Just me? Cool. If this is in fact a feeling you have yet to experience, we suggest your first time be with one of fall's biggest and most stunning shoe trends—velvet platforms. 

This particular shoe style is irresistible for more reasons than one. Yes, they come in some of the richest jewel tones on the planet—ranging from ruby to emerald—and yes, their velvet material is extremely satisfying to the touch, but they are also the perfect shoes to wear with pretty much every fall trend. Raw-hemmed jeans? A perfect match. Slip dresses over T-shirts? Is there even a cooler outfit out there that exists? Menswear-inspired trousers and a bomber jacket? Yes, please. Have we sold you yet? We didn't need to because these statement-making heels speak for themselves, and their message is so chic. 

Keep reading to shop our favorite velvet platforms, and get ready to want every single pair! 

The rich dual colors are meant to be worn all season long. 

We want to wear this color with everything. 

The modern shape of these is a fresh take on the trend. 

The shoes we all dreamed of wearing when we were little girls. 

Put leather trim on anything and you're bound to have a knockout piece. 

Ballerina-inspired is always a good idea. 

Platforms don't always have to be as high as stilettos. 

A little extra support around the arch of your foot helps when heels are this high. 

Wear these once and you'll never want to take them off. 

We would love to see these paired with a super-distressed pair of denim. 

Check out the shoe brand every fashion girl will be wearing this fall

Opening Image: Style du Monde 

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