The Boot Trend Everyone Is Wearing Happens to Be Under $200

Let me start off by saying that the elusive reference to “everyone” in the title of this story actually includes me (aka @trustmebuythis), so prepare to hear some of my personal bias regarding the excellence of these boots. I actually never owned a pair of Dr. Martens before recently acquiring my own velvet Jadons (a platform style), and they have quickly skyrocketed to a top spot on my list of favorite ankle boots—and I have many.

First, they’re cool to look at, and I won’t lie: I enjoy the many compliments I get any time I wear them. Beyond that, they’re extremely comfortable and durable and even give you some extra height thanks to the platform lug soles, which I think are actually the key to why they’re so attractive. Next, despite looking like a lot to deal with, they’re actually super easy to take off and put on, because they have a low-key zipper on the inner ankle. And last, as I actually learned while researching this story—and as you’re about to see—thanks to the aforementioned zipper, they also happen to make the perfect boots for traveling, hence the luggage featured in a quarter of the photos below.

If this all isn’t enough to get you to go out and buy a pair, let me just remind you that these It boots of the season also just happen to come in under $200, with a range of colors and materials. Oh, and check out all the inspiration below.

It me!

If the weather in New York allowed for it, I'd be wearing this outfit today.

I guess I forgot to mention before that they look great with dresses.

When a mega blogger who literally has everything wears an affordable item on repeat, one must pay attention.

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WWW editor Lauren Eggertsen is also a fan.

Make for cute couples pics.

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The white is perfect for lightening up your cold-weather wardrobe.

Save space in your carry-on and wear them on the plane.

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Comfortable for walking around all day in, too.

Edgy but not too edgy—you know?

To be honest, I'd wear anything the Scandinavians approve of.

Oh, they also make for cute photo opps.

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