Kendall Jenner Will Make This $69 Skirt Sell Out at Urban Outfitters

I'm continually impressed with fashion brands' ability to offer us things we never knew we needed. The latest shiny new object to pique my interest? A cute miniskirt that's literally shiny because it's made with reflective fabric. If you saw the below photo of Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid enjoying a night out, you might be forgiven for thinking your eyes were deceiving you—but yep, Jenner's skirt really is glowing in the dark. 

The skirt is part of DKNY Tech's new '90s-inspired collection exclusively at Urban Outfitters. "Drawn directly from archived designs, for the new age of ultra-mobility," the press release reads. "DKNY Tech owns its New York City roots, but also reaches for the power of today. Cycling tops in an evolved nylon. Pocketed utility vests. Packable anoraks. All in weightless fabrics and designed to reflect." Scroll down to see how Jenner styled the skirt and shop the full collection. 

DKNY Tech at Urban Outfitters



On Kendall Jenner: DKNY Tech UO Exclusive Wrap Skirt ($69)

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