3 Denim Trends My Mom Just Doesn't "Get" and 3 She Wants to Try

My mom and I have some 30-odd years between us. Although we may agree on a lot of things when we shop together (we're both loyal to Nordstrom, for instance, and always shop these brands), because of our generational gap, how we shop for things like jeans couldn't be more different. I, for one, banned skinny jeans from my closet for years while my mom, Joanne, has been reaching for them on repeat.

Recently, I was talking to her about ways to update her style post-60 and she mentioned that she was growing tired of only wearing skinny jeans when she wanted to wear denim. I have a feeling she's not the only one searching for another go-to jean style that's just as easy to wear as skinnies but feels more current, so I thought it would be fun to present some of the new denim trends I've personally been excited about to her and gauge her reactions to each of them. And that's how this story was born.

I called her up last week to brief her on all things denim in 2020 and dutifully jotted down her reactions to each of them, noting which jean styles she just doesn't understand and which ones she sounded especially excited about. Ahead, the three denim trends she wants to try most—and three she won't be any time soon.

denim trends over 60



Wearing: Straight-Leg Jeans

"Straight-leg jeans are exactly what I want to wear right now because they're tapered and straight like a skinny jean but don't cling like a legging. They feel like an updated version of the skinny jeans I usually reach for and I like that they're just as easy."

Skipping: Loose, Baggy Jeans

"I don't like the slouchy fit of these. It irks me when there's too much material and they bunch up around the ankle. I know that might be the look they're going for, but it just looks funny to me.”

Wearing: Slim Wide-Leg Jeans

"I'm still graduating from skinnies, so for me, I'm not quite ready to try very voluminous wide-leg jeans. Instead, I'd rather go for something more structured and slim-fitting but that still has the trouser look of a true wide-leg pair."

Skipping: Flares

"I don't think I could be ready for a flare. It's too much. When I'm wearing jeans, I feel like I'm more casual and the flares feel too fancy for me."

slim wide-leg jean style



Wearing: White Jeans

"I love a crisp white jean, especially for the summer. I'm looking to add a pair to my closet now that are more of a straight fit."

Skipping: Full-Length Jeans

"The same reason I'm not drawn to those baggy-fit jeans is that I'm not a fan of the way they are so slouchy and pool around the ankle, so I much prefer a cropped or at-the-ankle length for my jeans."