My Entire Family Loves Nordstrom—These Are the 8 Brands We Always Shop

best Nordstrom brands



Let me just start by saying that this isn't the first time I've waxed poetic about my love for Nordstrom (and chances are it won't be the last). The retailer has a very special place in my heart and I know the same is true for the rest of my family—including my sister, brother, mom, grandmother. For as long as I can remember, Nordstrom has been a go-to source for all things fashion and beauty for all of us, and to this day we just can't get enough.

Since my entire family has been shopping there for years, we've not only come to be familiar with their best wardrobe basics but each of us has also developed an affinity for a few key brands that we shop more than any others. These are the labels that we make a beeline for as soon as step foot into the store or log onto the site, and, if you ask any us, what we'd consider the best Nordstrom brands, period.

From my mom's favorite denim brand for comfy, timeless jeans to the shoe brand my sister has worn to countless weddings to the beauty line my grandmother has been wearing for years, I asked each of them to share the brands they're loyal to and what they stock up on from each. Keep scrolling for the eight fashion and beauty brands we always come back to.

The Fashion Brands


Paige jeans are a favorite for everyone, but especially my mom who would go so far as to say that it's one of the only denim brands she shops for at Nordstrom. She told me she's particularly a fan of its high-waisted styles and stretchy jeans. After I tried Paige's Sarah Slim Jeans, a stretchy, high-waisted skinny style, I'm inclined to agree with her.

Stuart Weitzman

My sister Jennifer insists that wedding season has become a year-round season for her and told me "my go-to Stuart Weitzman nudist heels are my trusty sidekick as they match nearly every dress." Although the brand is hardly exclusive to Nordstrom, she prefers to shop Stuart Weitzman there over other outlets and sites: "There's a kind of comfort and nostalgia to Nordstrom that makes me feel confident in my purchases."


Nike's activewear staples have earned a place in my closet for years now, from its track shorts and workout leggings to the epic selection of cool sneakers Nordstrom carries.

Vagabond Shoemakers

I've shared before how I think Vagabond's shoes are some of the comfiest around, and I particularly like its more timeless styles like the below pair of ankle boots I wear multiple times a week.


Nordstrom's lingerie department is a go-to for bra and underwear staples, so it's no surprise why multiple family members named one of the retailer's best-selling bra brands—Natori—as their favorite. The brand's comfortable, everyday bras have earned thousands of glowing reviews from online shoppers as well.

The Beauty Brands


"Every 6–8 months, I make sure to refresh my makeup, and Nordstrom's beauty counter is a one-stop-shop for my favorite beauty brands like Chanel," Jennifer told me. "I live for its blush and eye shadows"

Jo Malone

Speaking of beauty refills, Jennifer always heads to Nordstrom first to shop perfume refills, "specifically my signature Jo Malone scent, English Pear and Freesia."

Estée Lauder

My sister isn't the only one who frequents the beauty counter. My grandmother Diana shared that she has a store associate who she always makes her beauty purchases from. "The makeup line that I have used for years and years is Estée Lauder," she told me. "Everything from powder base to lipstick and eyeshadow to eye pencils, and blush—the works."