My 60-Year-Old Mom Just Got New Leggings and Can't Wait to Wear These 7 Outfits

My mother recently ordered a pair of split-hem leggings. In fact, she was inspired by this story here and bought these exact $44 leggings from Amazon. While she wears leggings often and has a few go-to outfits, she messaged me inquiring about some fresh ideas to test out at home and to remember when she starts going out and about again.

I sent over a few chic legging ensembles I found on the Instagram accounts of some of my favorite fashion girls. I specifically went for looks that are fashion-forward yet incredibly easy to put together. While my mom is 60, she was into seven of the outfits I sent over, in particular, because she thought they were cute and could work for anyone at any age.

Keep scrolling to uncover the legging 'fits my mom and I both like. I also rounded up some chic products in case you're shopping at the moment and want to add something fresh to your closet.

"I love white button-down shirts and would love to invest in a more oversized style to wear with leggings like this for a sophisticated look."

"The addition of a cool trench makes leggings and a white tee look so chic to me."

"Believe it or not, I've never really been a sweatshirt person, but a fun printed style with my leggings seems cool."

How to wear leggings with a blazer



"I would typically pair a blazer with jeans, but this ensemble is inspiring me to try with leggings. While I wouldn't necessarily go for moto boots like this, I feel like black flats would also be cute."

"I don't have a leather blazer (maybe I should get one!), but a leather jacket in general is cool for a transitional legging look."

"I actually just ordered a few oversize knits and can't wait to continue wearing them with leggings like this. I'm intrigued by this half-tucked look also."

How to wear a cutout top with leggings



"For a fancier vibe, an architectural top with leggings seems unexpected and pretty stylish."