8 Staples My Mom, Grandma, and I All Buy From Nordstrom


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Let me start by saying that Nordstrom has a very special place in my heart. I can recall countless shopping trips to my local suburban mall accompanied by my mom, sister, and grandma that each started at Nordstrom (and on especially good days, we'd treat ourselves to lunch in the department store café). Since those days, it has been my main source for everything from the luxury investment purchases I would save up for to the wardrobe basics I wear on repeat. And the same is pretty much true for the rest of my family. We just can't get enough of the retailer's vast offering.

All three generations have been devoted Nordstrom shoppers for quite some time, and even though we're doing all our shopping digitally these days, we still share a number of timeless wardrobe staples we always turn to Nordstrom for. Despite our differences in taste, style, and, well, age, I couldn't help but realize that if you looked at each of our order histories, you'd actually find a lot of similarities thanks to Nordstrom's top-notch selection of fashion staples that outlast trends and seasons.

So I thought it would be fun to share which items are so valuable that they've managed to transcend three generations and earn their keep in all of our closets. Without further ado, keep scrolling to find out which items my mom, grandma, and I all regularly shop for at Nordstrom, and then shop my picks within each.

Clothing and Shoes


1. Investment Jeans
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Jeans—but especially timeless and investment-worthy pairs—are at the top of each of our lists. Though we might all reach for different denim fits, we usually all gravitate toward the same few brands, such as Paige, Madewell, and Levi's.


2. Essential Shoes
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We're big fans of Nordstrom's shoe section, especially when it comes to closet staples like loafers, sneakers, mules, and simple sandals.



3. Simple Diamond Jewelry
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My grandma taught us that simple diamond jewelry pieces are the ultimate little luxury and make for the perfect birthday or holiday gifts.


4. Luxury Leather Goods
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I made my first-ever designer bag purchase in Nordstrom's accessory department, and it's still a go-to source for smaller leather items like wallets and card cases.



5. Pajamas
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The retailer stocks plenty of staples, including pajamas. Comfy, affordable, and cute, its sets and separates are crowd-pleasers across the board.


6. Robes
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I was texting with the women in my family while putting this story together to make sure I wasn't forgetting anything, and they all unanimously agreed that robes were a key Nordstrom buy.



7. Comfortable and Supportive Bras
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If you've ever perused one of our many Nordstrom bra stories on Who What Wear, you know that the retailer shines in the lingerie department, and I can attest to the fact its great bras have earned rave reviews from my family and me.


8. Seamless Underwear
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Since Nordstrom stocks the best seamless, no-show underwear (and shapewear, too, for that matter), it's earned a loyal fan base in us because, well, everyone's top drawer could always use a healthy stock of the underwear style.

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