Dakota Johnson Wore the Gucci Princess Shoes That Are Always Selling Out

If you follow Dakota Johnson's style, you've probably noticed that almost every pair of shoes she wears is Gucci. As one of the brand's muses, it makes sense. And as one of Hollywood's most stylish actresses (on-duty and off), she's likely happy to do so. From sneakers to ankle boots to loafers to heels, she's lucky enough to have her pick of any Gucci shoes she wants (lucky is an understatement), but for an outing in New York earlier this week, she chose an It pair that I basically drool over.

The shoes are Gucci's GG Slingpack Pumps, a kitten-heel mesh pair emblazoned with Gucci's logo in rhinestones. The crystals and the sheer fabrication give off significant princess vibes, and it's any wonder that they sell out at every retailer every time they're restocked (trust me—I've been checking).

If you want to splurge on the shoes yourself, it's your lucky day because Gucci currently has many sizes in stock of the black version (the pale pink pair isn't as easy to find), so scroll on if you're interested. 


(Image credit: BlayzenPhotos/Backgrid)

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