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Are you part of the LWT (little white top) club? Let’s see if you meet the credentials: Do you own an unnecessary amount of cute white summer tops? Do you pack one of said tops on every vacation just in case you’re in need of an easy day-to-night outfit? Do you have a handful of LWTs that basically look the same but at the same time are totally different (I can’t be the only one who uses this justification when I spot a new one I “need”)? If you answered yes to any of the above, you’ve been part of the LWT club all along, but welcome officially.

Okay fake club aside, every summer I find myself stocking up on at least three new little white tops. From fluffy ruffled straps to puffy sleeved cropped options, there’s no such thing as too many LWTs in my opinion. The summer staple comes back every year with new updates like an interesting wrap situation or exaggerated sleeves, and every year I surrender and stock up on a fresh selection. To ensure you’re set with the best LWTs this summer I’m sharing my favorites plus exposing more members of the LWT club (aka my fellow editors). Enough with the words--shop all the cute white tops below.


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