The Prettiest Tops to Wear With Jeans This Summer

Just because it's almost summer doesn't mean you're going to have to swap out your go-to outfit formula for something completely foreign. Not to jump to conclusions, but I have a hunch that most of you love wearing a simple T-shirt and your favorite pair of jeans on repeat, and I'm here to tell you that one little tweak to that foolproof formula will do wonders to your seasonal wardrobe. The concept isn't groundbreaking, but if find a cute enough top and pair it with jeans, that'll be your new summer look.

As of late, we have been seeing tons of pretty ruffled, floral, puffy, and ruched tops that will make any pair of jeans look like a million bucks. If an easy summer look is what you're going for, check out the cute tops to wear with jeans ahead and call it a day. The gorgeous one pictured in the image above was spotted on my friend and editor here at Who What Wear Michelle Scanga. Once I laid eyes on this pic, I knew that overwhelmingly pretty tops plus my favorite denim would be my summer 2018 aesthetic.

Next up, check out the summer sandal trends you need to accompany these cute tops you'll be wearing with all your jeans.