7 Strikingly Simple Summer Outfits I'm Trying When I Have Nothing to Wear

A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been staring blankly at my closet with complete disinterest. Perhaps it’s because after months of staying home wearing the same sweatpant outfits on repeat, my ability to get sartorially motivated has dipped to an all-time low. Plus, half of my closet suddenly feels way too “dressed up” for a day at home on the computer.

In order to resolve this, I’ve been scrolling, searching, and saving a myriad of cool summer outfit ideas that are quick, easy, and strikingly simple—many of which are made up of similar pieces that I already have hanging in my closet. If you too find yourself in a style rut, scroll below as I share some of my favorite easy and chic summer outfit formulas that will take your basics to a new level of chic and will be your saviora on those days when you’re staring in bewilderment into the abyss of your closet.

Long Shorts + Tee + Sporty Sandals



Long tailored shorts are trending, and they add the perfect elevated touch to your basics. Style a high-waisted pair with a neutral tee and sporty sandals. Bonus if you add a chic belt at the waist. To smarten up the look, throw on a longline blazer.

Floral Minidress + White Button-Down



If you've got a floral minidress hanging in your closet, pair it with an oversize button-down for a chic French girl–inspired look.

Tube Top + Wide-Leg Pants



Tube tops were trending on the S/S 20 runways, and a chic black option contrasts beautifully with white high-waisted linen pants. Luckily, the look is super affordable if you don't own either piece.

Billowy White Dress + Birkenstocks + Hair Scarf



A chic no-think option (that you can easily wear in and out of the house) is a billowy white poplin dress. Pair with comfy Birkenstock-style sandals and add a bandana as a hair scarf for a simple yet striking summertime look.

Bike Shorts + Button-Down + Retro Sneakers



For an uncomplicated and comfortable look, give your basic black bike shorts an effortlessly sophisticated touch by pairing them with a classic oversize blue button-down. Add retro sneakers to complete the cool look.

Knit Shorts Set



We've spotted matching knit short sets all over Instagram lately that make for a seriously cozy and chic look. Not a look we'd ever wear to the office in summer, but for working at home, it's simply perfect.

Muscle Tee + Printed Pants



It's amazing how a pair of printed pants can uplift your entire look (and mood). Wear them with this season's must-have white muscle tee.