6 Random Basics I'm Wearing More Than Ever Right Now


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It would be safe to say that basics are really all I'm wearing these days. Aside from a few fun "cheap thrills" I'm adding in to mix things up, I'm relying on my wardrobe basics more than ever before. But unlike the most common items that I always wear throughout the year like white T-shirts and basic leggings, I've noticed that my current outfit rotation revolves around a few things that I would normally deem a bit random.

There are six of these "random" basics, in particular, that are getting more airtime than I ever thought possible. To be clear, I've prioritized anything comfortable and easy, as my wardrobe naturally undergoes some shifts based on the current situation, so you bet that everything you're about to discover below has been selected with both of those things in mind. From the bodysuits that have replaced many tees and tops to the hair accessories I'm wearing constantly as a way of avoiding fully styling my hair. (What can I say? I like to keep things low-maintenance.)

Keep scrolling to see and shop the six comfortable basics I'm wearing more than ever now.

1. Bodysuits


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First things first, bodysuits. I love that they not only create the perfect tuck when worn with jeans or other bottoms but that they make me feel a bit more put-together somehow than plain-old tanks and tees. Oh, and they win in the comfort department.

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2. Bralettes


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I never saw a point to owning many bralettes, but now I'm thankful that at least a few have remained in my lingerie drawer despite frequent closet cleanouts because they're really all I want to wear anymore.

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3. Crew-Neck Sweatshirts


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For lounging around the house or throwing on to make a grocery store run, crew-necks have earned a top spot in my wardrobe. I also happen to think they're a bit cooler than hoodies, as they remind me of an '80s Princess Diana vibe.

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4. Tall Socks


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I'm not sure when "boring" tube socks became trendy, but regardless, I'm very here for it. Seeing as socks have replaced shoes lately, I've been putting more effort into curating a cool sock drawer (never thought I'd say that sentence, but here we are).

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5. Scrunchies


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Okay, scrunchies are objectively cool and have been trending for at least a year or so by now. I always had one or two that I would wear for workouts and lounging, but now I'm loving how a brightly colored or printed one can be a look in and of itself.

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6. Headbands


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Confession: My bangs are growing out into an awkward length. To avoid reaching for a pair of scissors (nope, I don't trust myself to cut my own hair), I've been turning to these basic elastic headbands instead. 

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