Yep, I Just Wore My Button-Down 5 Days in a Row—Here's How I Styled It


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If there were ever a time I could get away with wearing my favorite, super-comfortable, button-down shirt for—yep—five days in a row—it’s now while I’m working, resting, avoiding laundry, and staying at home all day every day. (And the same goes for my sweatpants—who’s with me?)

Quarantine or not, no wardrobe is complete without a classic white button-down, and I’ve been reveling in its inherent casual-chic style more than ever these days. Here’s why I’m loving mine right now: It feels a few rungs more elevated than wearing a hoodie or oversize T-shirt every day, putting me in a more productive work mindset. Yet, an oversize button-down is not at all precious. It’s relaxed, easy to wear, versatile, and can be given a whole, fresh new look depending on how you style it. Moreover, it’s the perfect balance of polished and relaxed—ideal for Zoom meetings.

So today, I wanted to share some cool ways I’ve been wearing my beloved button-down shirt while at home this week, which will perhaps inspire you to resurface and reinvigorate yours.

The one I’m wearing below is a button-down I bought some time ago from (can you believe it?) Old Navy. It has light-gray pinstripes, a nice thickness, and an oversize silhouette. Since it’s no longer available, I’m including some more of my favorite white button-down shirts worth trying below every look.



Button-Down + Sweatpants + Crew Socks + Sneakers
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On Mondays, I ease into the workweek with my go-to pair of vintage-looking Monrow sweats, which are my absolute favorites to throw on, especially when I'm too lazy to think. (I've also been wearing this cool Topshop pair on heavy rotation.) I love the contrast of casual sweats with a button-down at home—especially when the shirt is nonchalantly half tucked in. I'll slip on trending crew socks over my sweats and put on my retro New Balance sneakers for an invigorating morning walk before I start work.

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Button-Down + Leggings + Hoops + Thong Sandals
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Tuesdays are the days I have the most Zoom calls, so I tend to button up my shirt to the top for a smart work look. I'll add statement hoop earrings to amp up my top half. I'll keep the look comfortable on the bottom with stretchy leggings (which are easy to run around in with my toddler on my break). I've been living in flip-flops lately, but occasionally I'll put on my more elevated thong kitten heels just to feel an ounce of normalcy and to give my arches a little break from flat soles.

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Button-Down + Tailored Shorts + Knit Crop Top + Baseball Hat
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I like to call this my "dad on a guided safari tour" look. It's been fun to resurface some of the warm-weather pieces I already have in my closet, and these tailored shorts and knit crop top provided me with the perfect neutral base to layer with my button-down. Knit cropped tops are everywhere right now, and I've included a similar option below since this Zara one I'm wearing is no longer available. My hair seemed to be extra greasy on Tuesday (definitely skipping some hair-washing days!), so I topped off my look with a trending baseball hat. And no safari dad look is complete without a pair of Birkenstocks.

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Button-Down + Lightweight Turtleneck + Jeans + Slides
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Yes, friends, I'm still (occasionally) wearing jeans while working from home, and there's no better duo that exudes effortless French-girl charm than a button-down and straight-leg denim. It's still pretty cool in the mornings here in L.A. (especially since June gloom has hit us early), so I like to layer a tissue-thin turtleneck underneath the button-down for a cool layered effect. And if I were actually going to the office, I would add a blazer over it. My white slides have been another go-to shoe of choice to wear in and out of the house.

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Button-Down + Bike Shorts + Sporty Sandals
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I'm always so pleasantly surprised at how good a button-down looks over bike shorts. I especially love this look, as I have wider hips, and the longer, flowy nature of a relaxed button-down helps balance out the formfitting shorts. I often tie a sweater around my hips in true '90s style and finish the look with a pair of sporty sandals for a casual Friday look.



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