The Secret to a Great Beach Instagram

Hot summer days have officially arrived, and we’re ready to turn on our out-of-office emails and head to the beach. Whether you’re spending your summer Fridays on the warm sand or prefer to post up poolside, cute beach towels are a must for an Instagram-ready look. We know you’re already putting together your summer beach wardrobe, so why not throw in a cute swim towel into your woven tote to take along for the ride?

Add a simple pop of color, or pick a standout graphic to make your setup more stylish—either way, a chic towel will take your full ensemble (including your swimsuit and cover-up as well as your tote and straw hat) to the next level. With all your summer Instagram posts in mind, we’ve gathered our favorite beach towels together. From minimal hues to bold graphics, these towels will make you want to snap a photo of your beach necessities ASAP.

Chic beach towels



You can’t go wrong with classic white.

Channel the island breeze with this towel.

Who said your beach towel can’t also be a hair accessory?

You’ll want to take so many Instagrams on this.

A beach towel never felt so chic.

The right towel can create the coziest summer reading environment.

Adidas fans, this towel is for you.

Chic striped towels for summer



There’s something so enticing about classic striped towels.

A lightweight beach blanket is also a great option for the summer.

This color combination is everything.

Stylish swim towels



Add a pop of color to the beach with a bright yellow towel.

This earthy tone is so unexpected.

Nothing looks better than a chic towel along the shore.

You’ll be easy to find with this bright towel.

Love lavender? Take this towel to the beach.

You’ll easily stand out at the beach.

Pack your new towel in your favorite beach bag—it’s time to head outside.

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