Watch Out! This Classic Sweater Just Got an Alluring Makeover

This past weekend, I spent a good portion of my Saturday plucking summery tops and dresses from my closet and replacing them with cozy knits and jackets that had been stowed away for the last several months. As I went through the process, I realized that even though I spotted a few old knitted friends, I was actually in need of a statement sweater or two. Thankfully, part of my job involves a fair amount of trend-spotting and online shopping, so I transformed the task into a story, the story you happen to be reading right now.

What’s a statement sweater, you ask? In my eyes, it’s a knit that garners compliments, adds a special touch to your blue jeans and sneakers, and feels like a stylish investment. For fall, key labels like Isabel Marant and Altuzarra introduced sweaters with strategically and artfully placed cutouts, and they’re amazing.

So it seems the cutout sweater is the choice for me—but what about you? Scroll down to decide.

An enticing part of the body that rarely gets shown during fall.

We can always rely on Tome for a playful piece.

The ruffles make these shoulder cutouts extra special.

We suspect this would look painfully cool in pictures.

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