Julia Roberts's Crystal-Healing Manicurist Did My Nails—Here's What Happened


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Despite the number of sufficiently wonderful manicures I've received in my life as a beauty editor, none have been as magical as the one I received a few days ago. To clarify, this wasn't just any old manicure; it was a crystal healing manicure courtesy of one of Hollywood's most sought-after nail artists, Mazz Hanna. With amazing clients—her regulars include Julia Roberts, Emma Roberts, Selma Blair, Greta Gerwig, and Kaley Cuoco—I had expected to be impressed. I just hadn't expected how impressed.

Not only did I walk away with a lavender-hued paint job elegantly adorned with clear quartz (to enhance clarity) and kyanite (to promote telepathy, empathy, and psychic ability), I also walked away feeling less anxious, more grounded, and all around soul-soothed. I'm not sure about you, but these are all extremely foreign feelings come 10 a.m. on a Monday.

Not only was I appreciative of the manicure, the entrancing selection of crystals set before me, and Mazz's open and lovely demeanor, but I was equally captivated by the love and passion she puts into her work and the equally beguiling lineup of nail and skin care products she's created as part of her brand. (Think CBD and amethyst-enhanced cuticle oils, crystal starter kits, citrine-dusted bath soaks, and more.) 

Because it's not every day you're gifted a visit with a celebrity nail artist and an intimate crystal healing session, I documented the experience thoroughly. Curious to know what happened, what products were used, and how, perhaps, you can create a similar experience at home while wearing sweatpants? Keep scrolling.

The Process:




Prior to my meeting with Mazz, my nails were in need of some serious rehab and still maintained some residual staining from a blue polish I'd sported weeks ago and rough around the edges in general. However, Mazz did say I had beautiful nail beds, so I'm still very much floating on that high—even if I'm a tad disbelieving.

Next, while Mazz cut, clipped, and buffed my nails to perfection, came the extra-fun part. She showed me the collection of crystals she keeps on hand for her manicures along with a menu listing their specific and unique healing powers. While she said crystals like rose quartz, clear quartz, and amethysts tend to be often-requested favorites, I decided to go a little bit rogue with my choice of kyanite—a pretty blue stone that immediately resonated with me and is often associated with the clearing of negative energy. (Again, hello Monday!)

To amplify its effect, Mazz suggested accenting my crystal kyanite mani with clear quartz. Oh, and here's a fun and fact—each and every crystal Mazz works with, in addition to those within her product line, are blessed by a shaman prior to shipment. 

While Mazz massaged my hands and forearms with CBD- and essential oil–infused skin elixirs like her amethyst-adorned rollerball ($60) and this nourishing carnelian-enriched skin salve ($80), we talked color. I'm not one to shy away from a bold nail look, and I also had complete trust in Mazz's personal taste and vision. Therefore, I basically gave her free rein and asked her to do whatever the heck she wanted with me and my nailbeds. Ultimately, she went with a nail polish from Oribe (one of her favorite polish brands) in the color Lavender Smoke. On deck, crystal application!

Again, I let Mazz have total control of which crystals she used (she has a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from for each type of crystal) in addition to her placement.

To give the clear quartz crystal an extra pop of sparkle (and so it wouldn't just appear the lavender hue of my polish), she placed a sparkling silver sequin underneath before multiple top coats and dryer time. 

Et voilà! The finished result! So you can try it for yourself, I'm including every single one of Mazz's product must-haves below in addition to the exact nail color and top coat she used to complement my crystals of choice.

The Product Must-Haves:

Even though you might not be able to put this curated collection of crystals on your nails, this starter set does include 10 of Mazz's favorite crystals, each of which harbors its own special healing powers to enhance your everyday spiritual energy. You'll receive citrine, amethyst, pyrite, carnelian, clear quartz, celestite, fluorite, smoky quartz, amazonite, rose quartz, and a selenite wand for cleansing and drawstring baggie for on-the-go convenience. 

Not only is this probably the most beautifully packaged cuticle oil I've ever laid eyes on, it also features certified organic ingredients like jojoba, hemp seed, lavender, and geranium to offer dire cuticles ultimate nourishment. Plus, amethyst is associated with the breaking of habits, so it's an obvious antidote if you're prone to biting or picking. 

When Mazz applied this melding of essential oils and 50 mg of CBD on my forearms, palms, and even the back of my neck, I almost immediately sensed my perpetually elevated cortisol levels diminish. It's cool, relaxing, and like a breath of fresh air if you're feeling stressed or anxious. Plus, it will also leave your skin looking radiant and silky. 

I'm notoriously picky when it comes to hand creams and salves, and for the most part, I'm consistently left unimpressed. However, this elixir is different and actually yields the therapeutic and long-lasting results I crave. It's an expert blend of vitamin E, shea butter, 11 essential oils, and 250 mg of CBD to create the ultimate self-care experience. Plus, every ingredient has been blessed by a shaman under a full moon. 

Thanks to the perfect brush, satisfying color payoff, and ultra-smooth application (you don't even need a base coat), Oribe is one of Mazz's favorite polish formulas. For me, she chose the shade Lavender Smoke. It's a great option if you're looking for a neutral hue that's not at all snoozy. 

To top it all with durable, crystal clear hold, Mazz applied this cult-favorite top coat from Seche Vite. We pretty much see it in ever celebrity manicurist's kit because it's just that good.

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