From Diane Kruger to Parisian Influencers, This COS Blazer Is the Month's It Buy


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Editors disagree with each other on a lot of things (leg warmers, Y2K, quiet luxury, etc.). It's the nature of the subjective world we move in, but if there's one thing everyone in our office agrees upon, it's that COS's tailoring is really, really good. Many of us would even go so far as to say that the brand's best styles—such as the wide-leg trousers that have continued to be released in yet more colourways and finishes over the past few years—are as good as anything designer. In fact, the Scandi label has been undergoing something of a transformation of late, establishing itself as one of the most premium and design-led brands on the high street, so it's no surprise that its tailoring simply has to be impeccable to back up the direction the creative team is taking.

It was fascinating to see the fashion crowds roll into Paris yesterday for COS's latest atelier show and to make note of what everyone had decided to wear from the brand for their appearances. Celebrities and influencers were in attendance for the brand's debut of its S/S 23 line, a collection which will land online very soon). Although there were nuances between outfits and styling ideas, one thing was a very noticeable commonality: the beige blazer. 


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The beige three-piece suit from the COS S/S 23 Atelier collection.

As a cornerstone for minimal and quietly luxurious style, a neutral blazer is as versatile as they come. Diane Kruger decided to pair hers with a dramatic red balaclava (which also featured on the runway) and a silky slip dress with courts. Italian actress Beatrice Grannò sat next to Kruger in a full beige trouser-suit ensemble. Content creator Xiayan Guo opted for the three-piece suit, Anna Vitiello paired the blazer and trousers with a white bandeau top and glam jewellery, and Zoe Foster chose her oversized jacket to balance out a leather miniskirt. 

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Style Notes: Kruger looks effortlessly chic in this maxi dress, blazer and court-shoe combination.


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Style Notes: The great thing about a three-piece suit is that you just throw on your favourite accessories and go—no styling needed.


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Style Notes: An oversized blazer is the perfect foil to super-short hemlines.


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Style Notes: COS's wide-leg trousers can work lower or higher on the waist—many of its styles have internal buttons that can help you tighten or loosen the fit. 


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Style Notes: Use a linen suit as a great evening option by combining it with a strapless top and high heels.

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