13 Trends I'm 100% Behind—and How I'm Wearing Them

As a fashion editor for Who What Wear, my eye is constantly focused on the trends unfolding everywhere from runway shows to the street style scene to the new products hitting retailers. When it comes to the outfits I’m wearing, I’m regularly interpreting the trends for myself and working them into my personal style. Yep, you’ll often see me posting outfits on my Instagram account, @kristenmarienichols, with photos of the items I’m wearing—and that was certainly the case for a recent trip overseas.

To me, one of the best parts about a trip is experimenting with some of the latest trends. I spend months writing about the big summer trends and seeing them unfold in the wardrobes of fashion insiders, so a trip is a perfect excuse to pack a suitcase full of the pieces I’ve been eyeing all season—and putting the trends to the test myself. For a recent trip to Italy, I documented all of the current trends I tried out. Ahead, see 13 trends I'm wearing, and shop the edit for yourself.

The Trend: Plunge Swimsuits

While there are plenty of new swimsuit trends at the moment, one I've been seeing among designers across the board is the plunge-front silhouette. I've owned these high-waisted bottoms from Matteau for a few seasons but just added this new Plunge top to my closet to try out the trend for myself.

Here, another take on the plunge swimsuit. With a V-front silhouette and nipped-in waist, this piece from Monday Swimwear is a unique spin on the one-piece. I'm such a big fan of this style that I also ordered it in blush.

The Trend: Tie-Front Tops

I've been seeing tie-front tops everywhere and knew I had to test them out for myself—like this one from Cult Gaia that has lace-up details along the front and puffy sleeves, which I paired with cream shorts and two-tone rattan shoes. The partially open front might not be for everyone, but to me is a new style I'm embracing.

Here, another tie-front top I discovered at Reformation. Unlike the billowy Cult Gaia version, this one is slightly cropped so I balanced it out with high-waist pants.

The Trend: Pistachio

To be honest, I was hesitant to try out the pistachio trend that's set to take over for fall. As someone who is generally more prone to wearing neutrals, I wasn't sure if I could pull it off. After wearing this slip dress, though, I realized it is easier to wear than I originally imagined, so now I'm officially behind the trend.

The Trend: Orange

This one-piece from Dos Gardenias taps into one of the other big color trends of the season: orange. 

The Trend: Maxi Dresses

Thanks to designers like Paco Rabanne and Jacquemus, maxi silhouettes are back on the map. Admittedly, I've often found the length tricky to pull off, but this Matteau dress proved to be an easy way to add it back into my wardrobe.

The Trend: Retro Sneakers

While chunky sneakers have been the go-to style among fashion insiders, retro sneakers with sleeker lines are set to take over this fall. I'm definitely here for the classic sneaker revival.

The Trend: Sheer Tops

Sheer tops are one of the big trends of the moment, but I've been hesitant to add one into my wardrobe. To be honest, I've tried wearing one before but struggled with what to wear underneath. My solution? Layering a swimsuit top underneath to wear as part of the outfit. If you don't already know about the brand Piece of White, where this top is from, it's one you should definitely have on your radar. The label specializes in white tops, so it has an array of cool styles, including this one.

The Trend: Nouveau Shirtdresses

Unlike most shirtdresses, this one from Jacquemus is reinterpreted with draping at the waist and an opening top. It might have put the trend on the map, but we're now seeing it from other designers as well.

The Trend: Midi-Length Dresses

Midi lengths have emerged as a key shape for summer and will continue to be popular moving into fall. I embraced the trend with this floral take on the silhouette from Réalisation that's finished with a corset-style top and rose print.

The Trend: Bold Gold Jewelry

Hoop earrings were everywhere last year, but now, bold gold earrings are the new accessory to own. I tested out the trend with these sculptural earrings from Greek jewelry brand Mayol.

The Trend: Retro Swimsuits

While retro swimsuits are more of a classic at this point, they are certainly one of this year's biggest trends, as we noted in our swimsuit trend report. This style is finished with a bra-like top and high-waisted bottoms. There's certainly a reason this classic style is back.

The Trend: Nightgowns

Since late last year, nightgowns for the day have taken off as a trend among the fashion set. Fueled by brands like Sleeper, the trend is only gaining steam. I tried it out for myself with this dress from With Jéan, which proved to be wearable for outside the house when paired with sandals.

The Trend: Scrunchies

Sure, scrunchies have been around since the trend really hit last year, but now they are cooler than ever. I used to reserve the hair accessory for my bathroom at home, but with elegant versions on the market like this satin one from just-launched brand Refine, they deserve to be an intentional part of the outfit.

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