Everyone Will Be Wearing These Brands Before Summer Is Over

As fashion editors, we spend our days looking at the latest trends and the stylish girls who are wearing them. And recently, cool brands have been popping up all over our radar. Some you may have heard of before, and others might be completely new, but we’re certain about one thing: You’ll be seeing cool girls wearing all of them by the end of the summer.

There’s a lot to love about these rising brands. They feel fresh with unique takes on fashion, which is perhaps why they’re gaining popularity; instead of recycling trends, they’re offering something with an original point of view. And even though these are global brands (based everywhere from Paris to Budapest to Bulgaria), through Instagram, we’ve been able to discover them by way of fashionable girls wearing them—and we predict you’ll be seeing them more and more in the next coming months. Curious to find out what inspires each of their designs, we asked each brand to share what defines its ultimate muse and what she is all about.

Keep reading to learn more about the seven on-the-rise brands fashion girls can’t stop wearing.

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“Staud is not for any one particular girl or one specific aesthetic, it’s for women who have their own opinions and own style, and our pieces are a vehicle for them to express that. She’s a smart shopper, and she’s buying her pieces not because she’s trend-driven but because she wants something timeless she can wear in many different ways for many different occasions. We like to imagine that the Staud girl can take our dress out and wear it one day to a wedding and then wear it another day with sneakers or flats—give it a completely different look.” — Sarah Staudinger, co-founder of Staud

Poised to be the It bag of the summer.

Staud is making a strong case for the jumpsuit.

By Far
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“By Far represents the women who travel all around the world and need chic and comfortable shoes that will work for them throughout the year. The By Far girl is cool and intelligent. She’s not about clubbing, she’s more about long night talks and laying in the grass.” — Valentina Bezuhanova, co-founder of By Far

Wear yours with straight-leg jeans and a statement top.

Style yours with a cotton summer dress.

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“The Moussy girl is a city dweller who experiments with trends but always relies on her go-to denim she lives in. Her jeans have a new look yet [they have a] vintage feel.” — Design team, Moussy

These jeans have a cool, lived-in look.

Finished with patchwork details.

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“The Nanushka girl is a natural who likes functionality but values spirituality. She is confident, and clothing is a very important self-expression for her. She likes to combine contemporary and designer brands, daring to play around with the concept of her style. She is always on the move so an easily convertible day in/day out outfit is a must for her.” — Sandra Sandor, founder of Nanushka

Wear this dress all summer long.

Style this shirtdress over a pair of jeans.

Réalisation Par
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“Réalisation ‘Dreamgirls’ are our girls who we love and who we think have amazing style that’s their own. We are all about individuality, and that’s what we try to inspire in our clothes. You can all wear the same dress, it doesn’t matter, but what matters is how you wear it, and these girls all do it their own way. That’s what makes them and everyone who owns a Réalisation dress a Dreamgirl." — Alexandra Spencer, creative director of Réalisation Par

Feminine and sweet—the perfect dress for summer.

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"She is feminine, effortless, cool and dresses for both day and night. The Rouje girl is not complicated." — Jeanne Damas, founder of Rouje

A simple and elegant dress to wear to a summer wedding.

A favorite brand of cool Parisians.

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"The Hellessy woman is looking for options to carry her throughout her bustling schedule of engagements while being able to seduce—she wants a wardrobe that moves with her while making a strong statement, but never looking overdone.” — Sylvie Millstein, Hellessy designer

In its most recent collection, Hellessy played with volume.

We love the long slit detail at the front.

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