Everyone Will Be Wearing These Brands Before Summer Is Over

As fashion editors, we spend our days looking at the latest trends and the stylish girls who are wearing them. And recently, cool brands have been popping up all over our radar. Some you may have heard of before, and others might be completely new, but we’re certain about one thing: You’ll be seeing cool girls wearing all of them by the end of the summer.

There’s a lot to love about these rising brands. They feel fresh with unique takes on fashion, which is perhaps why they’re gaining popularity; instead of recycling trends, they’re offering something with an original point of view. And even though these are global brands (based everywhere from Paris to Budapest to Bulgaria), through Instagram, we’ve been able to discover them by way of fashionable girls wearing them—and we predict you’ll be seeing them more and more in the next coming months. Curious to find out what inspires each of their designs, we asked each brand to share what defines its ultimate muse and what she is all about.

Keep reading to learn more about the seven on-the-rise brands fashion girls can’t stop wearing.