How to Be the Best Dressed at Your Company Holiday Party

Office holiday parties can be tricky. While you want to maintain the professional persona you've worked so hard to create in front of your colleagues, you also don’t want to dress like you're at the office. It is a party after all.  So where does that leave you? Somewhere between formal and festive that can often be hard to pinpoint—and that’s where we (and our collection for Target) come in.

Today we've put together three no-brainer outfits that check all the boxes we mentioned above. They're professional, party-ready, stylish, special, and, best of all, affordable (with no single item costing more than $60). So whether you’re looking to buy an entire new outfit or just need some inspiration for what to do with the pieces you already own, we know you’ll love at least one of the looks we’ve got for you today.  

Scroll through to see (and shop) for yourself!  

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Opening Image: A Love Is Blind