Comfortable Strapless Bras Do Exist: Here Are the Ones Everyone's Raving About



Bras are already annoying as is. Take the straps out of the equation and you’ve got yourself the most annoying bra ever. However, trends these days are getting trickier and trickier with cutouts, open-backs, and off-the-shoulder knits galore meaning you really have no other choice than to embrace the strapless bra lifestyle (or the no-bra lifestyle but that’s a story for another time). Now that we’ve established owning a strapless bra is kind of inevitable, let me guide you toward ones that women on the Internet claim are the most comfortable. Basically, these bras allow you to have your cake and eat it too. 

Featuring the utmost comfort, support, and and guaranteed no slippage, the selection ahead is here to assure you that yes, comfortable strapless bras do exist, and I took the time to scour through the internet for the most talked about ones so you wouldn’t have to. From lace trims to simple bandeaus, there’s guaranteed to be an option for you amongst this mix. Scroll below to find your new and comfortable match.

"I love these strapless bras! They really stay up nicely and don’t dig in. I have one in every color!"— Lindsey M


"I always order this bra. It is literally the best in size, fit and I can wear it with any shirt, dress and tank top." — Shelley


"I have never owned a NuBra and I must say it's pretty sweet. Perfect for all those awkward dresses/tops you can't wear with a regular bra." — Razipizazz

"This is the first strapless bra I’ve had that doesn’t gap at the top. It fits perfectly and makes me feel so supported!" — Jessamyn A

"I completely love this bra it is one of my first purchases and it's beyond comfortable feels like if I am not wearing nothing at all." — Maria


"This is honestly the only strapless bra that actually stayed up for me. I was a 32C (before this pregnancy). I didn't have to constantly pull it up. I like the three clasps on the back too for added support. This bra stays in place!" — Ayana

"Best strapless bra I've ever worn, hands down. I wore this bra in really warm temperatures and it didn't budge. I put it on in the morning and might have to adjust it once throughout the day. I'm very pleased and have told many of my friends about it." — Raindr

"This is one of those pieces that are basic, but useful. Definitely a staple item that everyone should have. Fits super comfy. Can’t wait for the restock so I can get it in black." — Jatana D

"It really is the most comfortable strapless bra I've worn. The material is so soft. It feels like you are wearing a high quality bra." — Rita M.

"This is the best bra ever. I have been wearing this bra fir years and own several. They are incredibly comfortable. Being able to change and remove the straps is the best. Im able to wear this with any outfit in my closet with embarrassing straps showing." — MissMoo55


"I have tried to purchase so many strapless bras in the past and could not find one that fit properly. I decided to go online and take a chance with Soma. I was surprised to find that the bra had straps that could be removed. I love it!! The fit is perfect and I'm glad I waited to buy one from Soma." — Boopsie1


"I bought this about a week ago and I am very happy with the purchase. It is comfortable and doesn't slides down at all!! Thought I never find a strapless bra that keeps everything together!" — Karla V


"Very happy with this. Have been looking for a decent neutral coloured strapless bra for months now and this is perfect. Not too bulky or over padded - discreet, simple design and well made. Comfortable too, super pleased!" — Shanghaisar

"I never normally write reviews for products I buy, however, with this, I thought I would. It’s fantastic, I’m a 40E & never could I find a strapless bra that fit, or even held me up & gave me support. This bra does all of that, kept me in place, wasn’t tight, so the sizing is accurate & it is very comfortable. I will definitely be buying another one in the future." — Katie

"I’ve never found a strapless bra that was this comfortable! I bought it to go under a sort of heavy strapless dress and it stayed on for the whole time I wore it. It was so comfortable and supportive. I highly recommend!" — Jana


"Love this! I ordered to wear when i do not feel like wearing my “normal” wire strapless bras. I may never go back. This is so comfortable and gives me a good shape. Especially when I wear this under dresses with built in bras." — LakeGirl975

"Best bra I have ever ordered. Ordered it for a specific event. Now will order at least two others." — Kahu


"I tried on the Bandeau and immediately felt it was a great buy. I feel very comfortable wearing it. I don’t need to tug it up or down. Fits great and forget I even have it on." — Adult


"Perfect bandeau for keeping my strapless bra on place. Does not slip down even by the end of the day." — BuffyC

"This is the best strapless bra ever. I am a 34DD and have been looking for a good strapless bra that provides support for a while now. This is it!! Get it, trust me, i looked at the previous reviews and I'm glad it's nothing short. I'm just so excited!"  — Busayo

"I'm still in shock that this strapless bra provides as much support as it does. I'm a 38DD and I had almost given up on finding a strapless solution that would work for me. Even better, it's actually comfortable! " — Mrs26

"This bra offers a lot of support. It's almost a push-up with how tight and fitted it is." — Perogues

"This bra has become a wardrobe staple for me! It has great hold and lift (no slipping). It does not open in back, so you have to pull it on over your head, but it slides perfectly into place. Works great as outerwear too with a jacket." — Ekarchar


"Love this bra! You cannot see it under any tops whatsoever. There is no ridge or gap on the top that shows in your shirts. Very comfortable. After trying to find the right strapless for a long time I am so glad I found this one!" —Kwbw


"I was so impressed! I usually struggle with strapless bras, as I am not all that busty and I feel like they tend to slide down or are just plain uncomfortable and unsupportive. But this bra has changed everything! It is supportive, comfortable and cute! I highly recommend trying it!"  — Andra