I'm Over Stilettos, so I'm Ditching These 7 Shoe Trends for the Sake of Comfort


As a New Yorker who walks everywhere, I've come to the realization that sacrificing comfort for fashion isn't worth it. Stilettos may look great, but they can wreak havoc on your feet, especially if you're pounding the pavement for hours on end. It's time to say goodbye to the painful sky-high heels and hello to comfortable styles that can take you past the 10,000-step benchmark. Whether I'm running errands or heading to work, there's no reason I should ever sacrifice comfort for fashion, and thanks to my favorite brands, I don't have to.

From sleek sneakers to on-trend loafers and slide sandals, these comfortable shoe options are perfect for the woman on the go (aka me). So with that being said, I'm convinced that it's time to say goodbye to the seven styles below and hello to their comfortable yet chic replacements. Your podiatrist can thank me later.

Skipping: Shoes That Are the Wrong Size

Shopping: Mary Janes


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I don't know what it is about me, but I sometimes hoard shoes that don't fit. "But they're so cute!!" I say while they sit on my shelf collecting dust. The schoolgirl in me is so here for a good pair of Mary Janes, and the pair in my collection right now actually fits. Their distinctive design is all about the rounded toe and straps across the top of the foot. While a lot of flats feel "cheugy" to me, this is a style I keep coming back to.


Skipping: Sandals With Thin Straps

Shopping: Flatforms


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I got an awful blister last summer from a pair of thin-strap sandals that I'm still mentally recovering from. I'm donating that pair and shopping flatforms instead. Flatforms are the perfect summer shoes that remind me of vacation but can also be worn in the city. Every European I know has a few pairs in their collection.


Skipping: Shoes With Inflexible Soles

Shopping: Retro Sneakers


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I'm tired of wearing shoes that don't provide arch support. Sneakers have never failed me in that department, and I'm currently shopping retro styles. With classic designs from the '70s and '80s making a major comeback, brands such as Adidas and Gucci are creating styles that I want in my closet ASAP. 


Skipping: Sky-High Heels

Shopping: Kitten Heels


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Kitten heels have become the chicest alternative to stilettos, and somehow, they feel way more elevated. I love that they provide enough height to elongate the legs while still providing the support and stability that I need while living in New York City.


Skipping: Unsturdy Flip-Flops

Shopping: Structured Flat Leather Slides


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You can't go wrong with a good pair of leather slides. The classic Hermès style has been on my wish list for years because it's just so dang practical.


Skipping: Narrow Shoes

Shopping: Loafers


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If you're still in your Wednesday Addams era, a pair of chunky loafers might be the right move. Loafers have been a wardrobe staple for decades, so don't be afraid to invest in this "trend." The loafers in my collection are all the perfect width for my feet.


Skipping: Slip-On Shoes

Shopping: Boots of Any Kind


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Whenever I know I'm going to be on my feet all day, I press pause on my favorite mules and immediately direct my attention to my collection of boots. This is definitely the easiest and most comfortable shoe style in my closet and an easy way to wear a high heel.


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