I'm a Celebrity Stylist—These Are the 6 Most Important Shoe Trends for Summer



Summer is the perfect time to show off your shoe game, whether you prefer sandalssneakers, or something in between. As the weather warms up, practicality gets pushed aside, and you can have more fun in the shoe department. As much as I love all the strappy sandals, there are so many other trends to play around with this summer.

When it comes to fashion advice, there's no one we trust more than Mimi Cuttrell. As the stylist for Gigi Hadid, Ariana Grande, and Madelyn Cline, she knows a thing or two about fashion trends. With summer just around the corner, I had to get her insights on the shoe trends that actually matter. In collaboration with DSW, Cuttrell shared the six shoe trends that are worth investing in. Join me in shopping for them below.



"I love the simplicity and youthfulness of ballet flats. They are dainty, feminine, and a beautiful addition to your shoe collection." —Cuttrell

"The delicateness of kitten heels makes them a constant staple in my wardrobe. I love to style them with an airy summer dress, or jeans for a more elevated feel." —Cuttrell



"I love platforms because they add height and a bold statement to any outfit, without sacrificing comfort and style. They are a super versatile addition to any shoe collection and can be dressed up or down." —Cuttrell



"Court sneakers are the classic and timeless sneakers everyone needs in their wardrobe this summer. They are sleek, minimalistic, and comfortable." —Cuttrell

"I love the natural & earthy elements of Boho shoes. They are the epitome of effortless and easy dressing." —Cuttrell



"A tailored loafer is the perfect pairing for a polished finish to any look. While classically they are known to be preppy, I think you can carry them through so many genres of style." —Cuttrell