I Tried On 7 Under-$150 Spring Shoes at Nordstrom—These 4 Are Worth Buying

Buying shoes online has never been easy, but thanks to associate editor Sierra Mayhew, now it is. She zips around the stores of New York City, trying on all the trending shoes to report on their comfort, fit, and style so you never have to make a return again.

Like almost every young woman in New York, I like to think of myself as a sort of Carrie Bradshaw type. I live pretty close to the fantasy character's home, find myself at the same restaurants although 20 years have passed, and also have quite an affinity for shoes. At this exact moment, I write from my home, where many pairs of shoes sit lined up outside my closet. Unlike Bradshaw, I wasn't blessed with a walk-through closet, so I tried to shove my shoe collection into tiny spaces. I've given up, and they currently remain scattered throughout my small space. They're so pretty to look at that it doesn't bother me a bit.

One struggle I have with the world of online shopping that we have fully embraced is finding shoes that actually fit and aren't wildly uncomfortable. We've all seen that photo of a model propped up with a subtle glimmer in her eyes, wearing that pair of shoes you've been eyeing. She looks so happy, so they must be comfortable. Well, that's just not always the case, so I decided to do some field reporting.

A quick cab ride to the Nordstrom flagship in New York City led me to what most people would consider paradise: thousands of shoes laid out before me as I tried on everything that caught my eye. The experience was quite magical, and I highly suggest a visit if it's convenient for you, but for the most part, shopping online is king. That's why you'll find that I've gathered the best of the best below. After trying on styles that were upward of $1000+, I decided we're going to keep it under $150 in this installment of If the Shoe Fits. I'm in my "smart money moves" era, so it makes sense that my next shoe haul would be affordable.

A few pairs that I tried didn't fit quite right, some were too difficult to walk in, and others were a bit outdated for the new world we're living in. You can trust the below are editor tested and approved. I think you deserve to pick up a pair or two. 

Before I show you a single pair of shoes, we have to talk about my OOTD because it got me so many compliments. Wearing pink on the first day of March was also a major power move to welcomed in spring.

Shop similar pieces:

My favorite thing about this particular matching set is the versatility of both pieces on their own. If you're planning to ease your wardrobe into spring, a pink blazer is a must-have.

I'm madly in love with this tailored vest. The wardrobe staple has been at its peak lately, and buying it in pink is definitely the move.

Denim skirts are going to be the biggest must-have this spring and summer. It will be rare to see me in anything but. The subtle distressing here deserves a closer look.

And now, the shoes:

The shoes were love at first sight for me. Striking white sandals are perfect for the warm weather on the horizon. Strappy sandals aren't going anywhere.


Were they comfortable?

These were the most comfortable strappy sandals I've ever tried. A lot of styles I own have dug into the front of my foot and caused blisters, but I feel like I could walk in these for days. They'd be the only shoes I'd bring on a vacation.

How was the sizing?

A true-to-size option.

You can expect to see pointed-toe pumps virtually everywhere for the next few months. This shoe trend just so happens to be my favorite hack for making any basic outfit look incredibly chic.


Were they comfortable?

Here's another pair of shoes that I could walk in for days. I felt like they required no breaking in. And the color was even more beautiful in person—if that's even possible.

How was the sizing?

While I had to size up in a lot of the shoes I tried, I love that these naturally worked with my usual size.

A look around the Who What Wear office yesterday revealed several editors were wearing ballet flats despite the frigid temps. This is a trend fashion people love right now, and I love to see it. When we're wearing something, that means it's definitely worth buying.


Were they comfortable?

I've tried a lot of ballet flats that hurt at the front of the foot, but these were incredibly comfortable. The cushioned soles were a standout for me.

How was the sizing?

Another winner in the true-to-size department.

Metallic shoes have taken over seemingly overnight. They were all over the runways, and now, the fashion set is loving them for every occasion. Whether you're just planning for a casual workday or a night on the town, this shoe trend should suit your fancy.


Were they comfortable?

Yes, I could walk in them for days, but they would require some breaking in at the heel before taking them out on the town.

How was the sizing?

Perfectly true to size.

A few more shoes on my list: 

Everyone should own a pair of Vejas.

These remind me of a very popular runway style.

I'm absolutely thrilled these are back in stock.

A pair of shoes that make me want to party.

These immediately caught my eye.

Platforms are the perfect way to add height without sacrificing comfort.