The Under-$90 Fall Finds That I'm Actually Losing Sleep Over

I'm just going to say it: I know a great affordable fashion buy when I see one. While I could sit down and explain in detail why exactly each of these finds is so spot-on, I prefer to rely on my gut instinct as it hasn't led me astray yet. You know how I can tell when something is really good versus just okay? It happens when I come across items—like the below 26—that make me feel all sorts of extreme emotions such as wonder, panic, and above all, pure delight. I'll even go so far as to say the items featured here will likely have the same effect on you.

You see, I've scoured the internet from top to bottom and found a whole lot of affordable clothing buys that shook me to my core. Sure, you could waste the better half of an hour hunting down these jaw-dropping finds for yourself, or you could simply trust me and scroll through my edit to see the best under-$90 clothing items that are alarming me by how good they are. So choose wisely, and happy shopping!

This may or may not be the one item that inspired this whole story.

An It item that's trendy, but not too trendy.

The perfect fall basics doesn't exi-

Did I just find the perfect loose-fit jeans?

Knit sets are all I can think about right now.

This has a reversible shearling layer so you get two trendy bucket hats in one go.

Never not lusting after the Levi's ribcage jeans.

I've never seen a lettuce trim I didn't love.

I just purchased these and am already dreaming up the myriad ways I plan to wear them.

Made even fancier by a pearl-adorned mask chain.

The camel color trend is extending into my accessories drawer now, too.

I have so many cardigans already, but this feels fresh.

The kind of piece you can easily wear at home or out.

Pretty sure it's impossible to not have fun when you're wearing this.

Proof that sometimes simpler is better.

Because I could use a new going-out top for socially-distant hangs.

This bra shape is so chic, it's inspiring me to wear it in non-workout outfits, too.

A color that's neutral, but feels fresh.

I love that these feel like conversation-starters.