I Found the Most Exciting Spring Trends for Under $98 so You Don't Have To

best under-$100 clothing


Szymon Brzóska/The Style Stalker

Maybe you're looking for that perfect piece to help you dress a bit cooler this year, or perhaps you're perusing some of your go-to affordable retailers out of boredom (been there). Either way, you're in the mood to do a little online shopping—only you'd probably rather avoid scrolling through page after page in search of products you'll actually want to add to your cart.

That's where we come in. We've scoured the internet from top to bottom and found a whole lot of affordable clothing buys that shook us to our core. Sure, you could waste the better half of an hour hunting down these jaw-dropping finds for yourself, or you could simply trust us and scroll through our edit to see which 34 items we can't get out of our heads right now. Happy shopping!

The lightweight spring jacket your closet has been waiting for.

Tuck this into a pair of wide-leg jeans for the ultimate comfy yet polished ensemble.

We can't say no to this delicious shade of beige.

This plus the matching knit tank is a spring layering dream.

The square neck on this makes it feel extra current.

Don't believe us that ripped jeans are coming back into style? Just take Katie Holmes' word for it.

In a word, easy.

Wear with the above dress for an on-trend summer vibe.

Everything about this styling is so good.

Because cardigans just won't quit (nor do we want them to).

If spring were manifested as a top.

You'd be wise to pick up the matching blazer and complete this suiting look.

Opt for a thin chain like this that's perfect for everyday wear.

The Trend: Platform Loafers
Pêche Ako

Put this cool indie label on your radar, stat.

Insanely pretty.

The denim trend your closet is craving.

Well, these are charming.

Once summer arrives, you'll be reaching for these on the regular.

We love a denim trend you can get for as little as $35.

Basically a warm-weather staple.

We'd style this with the below Bermuda shorts and a cool pair of sandals.

Okay, Topshop, we see you.

Just wait until you see the back.

The Trend: Leather and Faux Leather
Choosy Aurora Skirt

This will make a great base to basic tanks and tees.

Fashion people are wearing this one nonstop.

A jacket that's as "right now" as it is timeless.

Simple but not boring.

You'll want to skip your leggings for these.

Throw it back to 1985.

It's never been cooler to let your socks show out of your shoes.

Next up, the latest "ugly" trend to come for your jeans is none other than what we're dubbing "grandpa" trousers.