13 Color Pairing Ideas for Teal, Straight From the Most Stylish Women

As a former fashion design student, I constantly find myself referencing past classes throughout my career. From the recurring silhouettes learned in fashion history to the intricacy of seam placement in a garment, I’m hyper-aware of each new look that comes down the runway. To my surprise, color theory proved to be one of my favorite courses. By definition, color theory essentially explains why specific color combinations simply work. That’s right; there’s a deeper science that lies within your preference of a pale-pink blouse paired with light-wash, high-rise, wide-leg denim

From Marni and Versace to ACNE and Tibi, designers are constantly reinventing and refreshing color combinations as they define the season’s color trends, and this season, they brought us teal. Teal can be a rather subjective color, as it has a wide range of shades and hues, and when paired with certain colors, teal can skew bluer or greener. Whether you opt for a monochrome teal ensemble or mix it up with a contrasting hue of orange, colors that go with teal form that special relationship that inexplicably makes perfect sense. We’ve pulled inspiration from some of our favorite street style women to portray the many accents and pairings of teal. Keep scrolling to see (and shop!) for yourself. 

Teal + Dusty Pink + Pops of Red

A true testament to the power of complementary colors. 


(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES/Christian Vierig)

Teal + Caramel Brown 

Perhaps my favorite color combo, caramel brown is just neutral enough to make the teal pop subtly. 


(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES/Claudio Lavenia)

Teal + Mustard Yellow + Plaid

Opt for both a muted teal and yellow to achieve this autumnal color palette. Complete this look with an accent of neutral plaid.


(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES/Jeremy Moeller)

Teal + Pale Pink

There's something about this pale pink that romanticizes teal. The two together feel like a dream. 


(Image credit: @himichelleli)

Teal + Electric Green + Metallic 

Be bold and play with an electric green. When complemented with teal, it creates a dynamic, colorful look, especially with a metallic hint. 


(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES/Jared Siskin)

Teal + Gray

If you're like me and gravitate toward neutrals, this cool gray is your answer. Style tip: If you're going for a warmer gray, opt for a more muted teal. 


(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES/Kirstin Sinclai)

Teal + White

Contrary to popular belief, not every color meshes with white. However, teal does. This power color combo creates intentional color-blocking. 


(Image credit: @chrissyford)

Teal + White + Black

Accentuate your hero teal piece by supplementing bold black elements while also softening the look with white. This combination of both color and high contrast all work together seamlessly. 


(Image credit: @alyssainthecity)

Teal + Beige

The past few seasons have proved that beige can do no wrong, especially with teal. The neutrality of the beige complements any shade of teal. 


(Image credit: @carodaur)

50 Shades of Teal

When in doubt, monochrome it out. This effortless look is created by the varying shades of teals, greens, and blues, which never fail. 


(Image credit: The Style Stalker )

Teal + Burnt Orange 

These clashing colors work wonders, but only when done right. Style tip: Go about 90% in one of the hues and add 10% of the other. The faint pop of teal shines amid the rustic orange. 


(Image credit: The Style Stalker )

Teal + Mint Green + Hint of Orange 

This is the mecca of all color pairings. Yes, there is a lot going on, but it's that rare moment when it all just works. 


(Image credit: The Style Stalker )

Teal + Shades of Blues and Greens

While the contrast of complementary colors is aesthetically pleasing, it's also an easy styling trick to play with colors within the same family, such as blue and green. 


(Image credit: GETTY IMGAES/Christian Vierig)
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