These Are the Colors You Should Never Wear to a Wedding


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Wedding season is fully in tow, and once you’ve sent in your RSVP with the box checked “yes”, the only thing left to do is figure out what to wear. Sure, you’ve already decoded the dress code, but when it comes to knowing what colors not to wear to a wedding, that’s where it gets a little trickier.

We may have learned specific colors to avoid at any wedding such as white and black, but in 2018, however, the rules are different. So we asked Jen Campbell, the founder of Green Wedding Shoes and Jocelyn Robertshaw, owner of Ready or Knot, to provide their expertise on what to save for another occasion.

“Nowadays, most any colors work, but I always do recommend against wearing white—unless requested by the couple,” Campbell says. “A new trend we are currently seeing is couples having a dress color code for the day. Requesting guests to either wear bright, bold colors, pastels, or all white or all black.”

Robertshaw mentions keeping in mind that, as a guest, you want the couple, as well as their wedding party, to stand out. “A lot of weddings are using whites and neutral tones for their colors, so I’d steer clear of those—especially cream, ivory, or gray,” she says. “If you’re unsure, you can usually get an idea of the colors based on the invitation.”

Whether your couple has requested a specific color code or it’s up to you, shop our favorite dresses that’ll be appropriate for any wedding you attend this summer.

Now you know. Wear any of these colors to guarantee you’re in the clear with the couple’s dress code.