25 Cheery Summer Dresses That Make Me Smile Just Looking at Them

Dresses and summer go together like PB&J. Even though I'm lucky enough to wear dresses year-round in Southern California, the warm months are when my collection really has time to shine. The only downside is that the market is absolutely inundated with summer dresses, so it can be hard to sort through the huge selection. Have no fear—that's where I come in.

If you could see my Instagram saved folder or my Pinterest boards, you'd see a slew of Instagram-worthy dresses begging to be added to my cart. There are some Bridgerton-inspired pieces and others that would look more at home in Austin Powers. There are also plenty of special details like bows, puff sleeves, and strappy ties. Scroll down to shop my favorite summer dresses right now. 

Groovy Prints



You can also layer a white tee under this tank dress for spring. 

Like stepping into a time machine. 

Wallpaper Florals



Daphne Bridgerton called, and she wants her dress back. 

Suddenly, your grandma's nighties are cool again. 

This floral print is such a classic. 

This sweetheart neckline is so precious. 

Christy Dawn's dresses are ridiculously comfortable. 

From the makers of the IG-famous Nap Dress. 

Pretty Back Details



How can you resist this back detailing? 

The more bows the better. 


Voluminous sleeves are a trend that's not going away anytime soon. 

I love this serene baby-blue hue. 

Hot Pink 



How to be the best-dressed person at the beach: buy this dress. 

I love this fun combination of pink and orange. 

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