This Shoe Trend Is Coming for Your Black Ankle Boots

Before we dive in, let’s just remember that black ankle boots (white booties too) are wardrobe staples for a reason thanks to their classic vibe. That said, fresh shoe silhouettes come in every season to switch it up. When it comes to ankle boots specifically, it appears fashion girls are gravitating toward vibrant iterations in hues like purple, red, and green.

These styles can fit with a range of outfits and are just as versatile as your black or white options, given that offbeat color pairings continue to be all the rage. So with that, we’re showcasing how the street style elite are wearing the colorful bootie trend now. And because we have a feeling you’ll want to jump on the look, too, we shopped out the coolest styles as well.

Coordinating yellow booties with other accessories like a beret feels incredibly forward. 

Red and purple is a color combo the fashion elite are all about.

Blue booties are fresh with light-wash denim. 

While more out there, yellow booties actually can be worn with anything—just like your black or white boots. 

Make a statement in sleek green booties this spring. 

Pink ankle boots will pop even more when paired with an equally vibrant ’fit. 

Go monochromatic with a full purple ensemble to mix it up. 

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