I Never Thought I'd Like This Legging Trend, But Here We Are

When it comes to dressing for a workout, I've always been partial to keeping things simple and streamlined. My leggings drawer (yes, I have an entire dresser drawer devoted to them) is basically a mass of black bottoms twisted together. Maybe there's a pair with mesh panels or a racing stripe, but for a long time, that's about as exciting as my workout wardrobe got. But this year things have changed, as cool brands like Outdoor Voices and Girlfriend Collective have convinced me that colored leggings are surprisingly versatile (and flattering).

Here's the thing about colored leggings: It's all about picking out a pair that works with your body type and skin tone. A pale pink looks great on all skin tones, as do forest green and any shade of blue. But something more daring, say a bright orange or teal, is more about finding what works best for you. Personally, neon colors still intimidate me, but I've found that pastels are easy to style with a simple white tee or a coordinated sports bra. One note: Colored leggings are hit or miss when it comes to hiding sweat, so it's important to check before tackling a super-tough workout. Read on to shop a few of the coolest pairs in a wide range of hues.