It's Time to Brighten Your Wardrobe, Starting With These On-Trend Colors

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If you haven't noticed, color has been popping off in the fashion world lately. A few scrolls on any of my social media apps will reveal just about every shade of the rainbow. People are showing up in bold fabrics on the red carpet, beauty looks are showcasing vibrant hues that make me want to revamp my entire makeup cabinet, and the best street style looks are championing pieces like periwinkle blazers, fuchsia handbags, and lime sneakers on the regular. It's clear that dopamine dressing is in full swing, and it's not slowing down this summer. And while it's acceptable to wear any shade your heart desires, a few are currently higher on my radar than others. Green, pink, and blue have been on my mind, and with its custom colors, Lilly Pulitzer is a treasure trove. Keep scrolling to see the pieces you should be scooping up from the iconic designer this season. (Yep, it's time to move your neutrals to the side.)

Pink has been going strong for the past few seasons, and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. I'm partial to bubblegum pink. Maybe it's the name, or maybe it makes me feel like a kid again, but either way, I can't deny that it's just plain fun to wear. And while bubblegum pink may have my heart, fuchsia and pale pink aren't far behind. An entire pink outfit gives off that ultra-romantic vibe that you may already associate with the color, but don't be fooled—you can always add some edge with chunky platform sandals, cargo pants, or a baseball hat. Pink is more versatile than you think.

Kelly green, lime green, whatever green you're feeling—it's the move. Some days, you'll find me mixing my green with other bright colors (pink or blue, obviously), but it's also such a fun color to layer under neutrals. A neutral blazer styled with a lime crop top? Count me in. A bright shoe peeping out from under baggy jeans? Yes, please. A statement piece in a print that includes green and another vibrant color, as seen in these Lilly Pulitzer styles? I'm about it. You really can't go wrong.

Okay, technically, anyone can sport blue with a pair of jeans, but I'm here to encourage you to take this color a step further. (It's summer, so why not?) I like blue because you can really decide how colorful you want to go. There are so many variations. During colder months, I always reach for navy, but this summer is about softer, brighter shades, my favorite of which is a surf blue hue.

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