This Will Transform How Others Perceive Your Style

I was sitting around a dinner table when a woman asked me about my favorite color. "light blue-teal," I replied, "oceany but not too bright." From that, she began to pull out minutely specific personality traits of mine that were frighteningly accurate. This is when my obsession with color began to develop. While our favorite hues may tie into certain personality traits, the colors we choose to wear can also project something about ourselves.

So I reached out to Kate Smith, a color expert and president of Sensational Color. She broke down what your favorite color says about you along with how the colors you wear can help you to project and embody a feeling. "The mood we desire influences the pieces we pull from our closet," she said. "Whether you recognize it consciously or not, color influences how you feel."

Going on a first date? "Lots of research has been done that shows wearing red makes [others] see you as more attractive," Smith notes. "So why not take advantage of that fact and wear the shade of red that is best for you?" For a job interview, her suggestion is to find small ways to add a pop of color, "stand out while still fitting in is always a good rule for color in the workplace."

And as for colors to avoid wearing, Smith's rule of thumb is to go with what you feel comfortable in. "Forget trends," she says. "Forget that everyone else wears black. Forget the salesperson who said you can't wear a color. Trust your own eyes first and then how people react when you wear certain colors."

Read on for Smith's breakdown of what your favorite color says about you!

Pink: You truly see the world through rose-colored glasses, and even in the worst situation, you are the one to comfort others because you have the ability to see things as better than they really are.

Blue: You are thoughtful, friendly and sociable. Those closest to you would add loyal, dependable, and trustworthy. While you can sometimes be hard on yourself, you are a natural when it comes to making others feel at home.

Red: Your magnet personality garners you the attention you love. You are a natural entertainer, and the energetic vibe you give off keeps those around you wanting more.

Green: Green lovers are loyal, fair, nonjudgmental, and approachable. You come across as authentic, open, and honest. You make you a wonderful partner, parent, or friend.

Orange: You like to be noticed, can be a bit fickle, and have a flair for the dramatic. You thrive around like-minded people, and you are everyone's friend in your large social circle.

Yellow: Just like the color you favor, you are happy and optimistic, You have an energizing personality, and others see you as a spontaneous and exciting person to be around.

Purple: You have a very busy mind and can easily get lost in your own thoughts. More independent than most, you don't pay much attention to others' opinions, especially when it comes to expressing your unique style.

Available in sizes 0 to 12. 

Black: Wear black to increase feelings of being Independent, decisive, and serious. Like the color itself, when you wear black, it can signal that beneath the strong surface there is a complex person with a sharp mind with ideas brewing, dreams taking shape, and problems being worked out.

Now you're ready to dress for your mood. 

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