Proof That Coco Chanel's Designs Are Relevant As Ever

To say that Coco Chanel’s created a lasting legacy in fashion is putting it lightly. Very lightly. Even though the designer passed away in the early ’70s, the founder of the iconic French fashion house is referenced regularly when it comes to style—namely when it dares to extend beyond what’s expected or customary. After all, while the designs Coco—a nickname for Gabrielle, of course—created in the 1900s are seen as classic now, they were revolutionary at the time.

So to honor a designer whose influence is, well, infinite, as far as we can tell. We dug back into the archives to track down outfits from when Coco was still at the helm of Chanel. Some ensembles may be well over 70 years old, but they’re just as appealing in 2017 as they were when they debuted.

Take a look back in Chanel history and a few of the looks that stand the test of time.