Social Media Doesn't Lie—Everyone Is Wearing These 7 Brands This Summer


Not so long ago, it may have been inconceivable to imagine how much social media would influence the world, yet we've now reached a point where it's unimaginable to think of life without it. Love it or hate it, social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest have changed how we view every aspect of our lives, especially our personal style. There's no more straightforward example of this than the various fashion aesthetics, popular brands, and micro-trends that have become viral sensations overnight. 

During the summer, there seems to be no shortage of buzzy things to adopt. From swimwear trends to travel trends, the list goes on. But none are more important (in my mind) than the clothing brands everyone is wearing. The benefit of keeping up with buzzy fashion brands is that it is a great way to tap into the cultural moment in a way that's tailored to your fashion preferences. You don't have to buy into every single trend on the internet—just the brands you're most excited about. 

Which fashion brands are trending right now? In search of that answer, I combed through social media and our editorial Slack channels to identify the seven most popular summer clothing brands. You've likely already seen these brands without realizing it, but I'm breaking down why they are the best for the summer. Trust me when I say there's something ahead for everyone…

1. Siedrés


Siedrés was founded in 2019 by Turkish husband and wife Ceylin Türkkan Bilge and Emir Bilge. It's a contemporary ready-to-wear label that's caught the attention of the fashion set for its vibrantly hued pieces that often feature nostalgic details, such as ruffles and psychedelic prints. They're the items you'd want to pack for some destination by the Mediterranean. 

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2. Reformation


Unless you're off the grid, you're likely already well-acquainted with Reformation. However, it's worth the reminder that this brand continues to be beloved by the fashion set summer after summer. Part of that appeal concerns the brand's continued dedication to sustainable production practices since its founding in 2009. But beyond that, what's made this brand popular is its wide range of apparel, footwear, and bags that are ideal for special occasions.

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3. Magda Butrym


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Let's set the record straight. No trend comes out of nowhere—designers always bring them into the zeitgeist. One of the most recent examples is the rise of floral appliqué. No other brand has been as widely credited for helping 3D flowers blossom to their current level of popularity as Magda Butrym. While some might be discovering the Polish designer, the ready-to-wear and accessory label has actually been around since 2014. It's grown a cult following over the years because of its ultra-romantic pieces that champion craftsmanship.

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4. J.Crew


So many formerly dated mall brands have gone through their own form of a renaissance, and J. Crew happens to be one of them. The brand's transformation has been led by a new wave of talent at the helm, including the head of women's design, Olympia Gayot. Initially, the thing that caught many people's attention was Gayot's social media presence, but her work has kept her on the radar of many fashion people. Collections have been filled with preppy essentials—linen button-downs, crochet dresses, ballet flats, and so on—that are extremely wearable and sharable for summer. 

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5. Christopher Esber 


What comes to mind when you think of the quintessential brand that the fashion set is packing for a vacation? Everyone may have different responses, but nine times out of 10, the only correct answer is Christopher Esber. The Australian womenswear label was launched back in 2010 and has become known for its contemporary approach to traditionally feminine silhouettes. It's not just that Esber's pieces are pretty, but the designer adds design details (e.g., cutouts, hardware, and vibrant colors) to create pieces that beg to be photographed in a far-off destination. 

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6. Dissh


There must be something in the water down under because another Australian-based clothing brand is making serious waves with the fashion set this summer: Dissh. Founded in 2001, the label aims to provide an arsenal of elegant, seasonless, foundational staples that women around the world can wear. It's achieved this (and subsequent popularity) through its offering that includes '90s-inspired suiting separates, tailored dresses, and cozy knitwear. 

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7. Posse


(Image credit: @sylviemus_@salome.mory@juliesfi)

With so much of the discourse on social media surrounding the concept of low-key luxury, it's no surprise that the Australian label Posse has blown up this summer. Ironically, though, this slow-fashion brand took a long time to go viral on social media. Founded by Danielle Mulham in 2016, this label produces vintage-inspired ready-to-wear pieces in small batches. For a brand that's all about creating long-lasting clothing, it's fulfilling to finally see it get the flowers and 'fit posts it rightfully deserves.

Though getting to that point of going "viral" can be daunting for so many brands, social media is the way to evolve the label on a larger scale and engage with us in new ways. On the flip side, seeing how these brands are worn out in the wild by others can make discerning what brands to add to our summer wardrobes a bit easier. Social media has its flaws, but it's also got the direct receipts on the brands, trends, and ideas that are actually taking off—that in and of itself is something to appreciate. 

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Jasmine Fox-Suliaman

Jasmine Fox-Suliaman is a fashion editor living in New York City. What began as a hobby (blogging on Tumblr) transformed into a career dedicated to storytelling through various forms of digital media. She started her career at the print publication 303 Magazine, where she wrote stories, helped produce photo shoots, and planned Denver Fashion Week. After moving to Los Angeles, she worked as MyDomaine's social media editor until she was promoted to work across all of Clique's publications (MyDomaine, Byrdie, and Who What Wear) as the community manager. Over the past few years, Jasmine has worked on Who What Wear's editorial team, using her extensive background to champion rising BIPOC designers, weigh in on viral trends, and profile stars such as Janet Mock and Victoria Monét. She is especially interested in exploring how art, fashion, and pop culture intersect online and IRL.