In All Honesty, Christy Turlington Is the '90s Supermodel to Obsess Over

Hear me out: Christy Turlington is the only '90s supermodel you really want to obsess over. Now, that's not to say that Kate and Naomi aren't incredible, but there's something about Christy's style that's above everyone else's. Whether she's perched on a car wearing only a bathing suit and a pair of heels or sporting an androgynous suit, she always looks sophisticated and elegant. She's a true fashion chameleon and is able to channel so many different looks but never looks uncomfortable. Her style is the reason I always experiment with my own wardrobe.

I could go on but instead, I suggest you keep scrolling to see some of my favourite pictures of the model.


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Style Notes: Christy shows how to do chic posing while wearing vinyl gloves at the Chanel Haute Couture show during Paris Fashion Week in the early '90s.


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Style Notes: No one makes wearing a swimsuit, oversized gold earrings and bangles, plus gold shoes, while sitting on a car look more fun.


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Style Notes: Pared-back Christy is one look we always go back to for style inspiration.


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Style Notes: On the catwalk for Vivienne Westwood in 1993. 


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Style Notes: After seeing this picture, we've been desperate to get our hands on a Chanel Breton top


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Style Notes: In 2016, Christy still knows how to look incredible. In just a black dress, minimal makeup and red lipstick, she's truly elegant. 


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Style Notes: This couldn't be anything other than Versace. Christy is seen here on the catwalk during 1992. 


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Style Notes: In Jean-Paul Gaultier in 1997; we can imagine Bella Hadid wearing this outfit today. 


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Style Notes: The way to do all-black outfits. With a bow in your hair, Matrix-style sunglasses and sheer black tights. 


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Style Notes: One word: fabulous. 


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Style Notes: If you really want to know how to dress in your 40s, take a leaf out of Christy's style book from 2017 and opt for a minimalist suit, a white shirt and a matching white bag. 


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Style Notes: While this was a shoot for Vogue in the '90s, we love the use of pearls and Jackie O–style coat too. 


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Style Notes: For the Ralph Lauren show in 1993, Christy looks like she should be in The Craft. Which is no bad thing. 


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Style Notes: Another Ralph Lauren catwalk look, this time from 1992. This one reminds us that mixing up horizontal and vertical stripes is totally okay. 

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Elinor Block