Fashion Experts Are Suddenly Back Into Breton Tops—These 21 Outfits Prove It

Breton stripes never go out of fashion. They are far too classic an item to be relegated to a whim, but it's true that they do go through moments where popularity surges, and they become noticeably more on-trend than a season or moment before. Now is one such time. Everywhere I look, there are Breton stripes, and people are wearing them in such a variety of new ways that it's the perfect time to gather inspiration.

A nautical trend to autumn fashion is like butter to bread—the two are so much more delicious together and are inextricably linked. You will find that a well-chosen striped knit or tee is the kind of clever item, albeit simple, you'll pull out at this time every year without fail, making it an investment not to ignore. 

Any previous Breton purchases will stand the test of time and look good in 2022. There are a few quirky iterations on offer this year, though, should you still be searching for yours. We've noticed sportier silhouettes coming through via sweatshirts and zip-front styles as well as smart, collared options for those who aren't as keen on a crew-neck. Arket's collared marinière styles are possibly the most in demand on the high street, selling out multiple times last year and dropping back in stock recently for this autumn. But this is one styling idea where you don't have to buy an It item at all—just a plain ol' basic will do.

Keep scrolling to get all of the Breton-top outfit ideas you'll ever need.



(Image credit: @symphonyofsilk)

Style Notes: Yes, marinière jumpers are a wonderful companion to comfy black leggings.


(Image credit: @anoukyve)

Style Notes: When you don't want to go outside without some sensible layers, a chunky Breton knit over your shoulders will do nicely.


(Image credit: @bubblyaquarius)

Style Notes: Tailoring and chunky flat shoes lend a nerdy charm to any Breton sweater.


(Image credit: @laurennicolefk)

Style Notes: Skinny jeans and cowboy boots add a more rock 'n' roll edge to a classic striped jumper.


(Image credit: @hannamw)

Style Notes: Your look doesn't have to be laid-back—striped knits work with skirts and heels, too.


(Image credit: @francescasaffari)

Style Notes: A happy partner to chinos and loafers for a preppy spin.


(Image credit: @biancaffoley)

Style Notes: Bretons are inherently casual, so I like the idea of glamming them up with gold hoops, sunnies and a claw clip.


(Image credit: @smythsisters)

Style Notes: With straight-leg jeans and Birkenstocks, the nautical knit gets a very 2022 update.


(Image credit: @frannfyne)

Style Notes: Your sailor-style knit will absolutely work with any of the slip skirts you invested in a few years back.


(Image credit: @nicoleocran)

Style Notes: Throw a bold blazer on top of a jeans-and-Breton combination for a fast track to looking smart.


(Image credit: @juliesfi)

Style Notes: Many French women are rediscovering flares this year, and they are a perfect match for a striped jumper.


(Image credit: @fashionenth)

Style Notes: Breton tees work with all sorts of basics, but have you tried one with a linen skirt yet? Do it!


(Image credit: @charlottekuhrt)

Style Notes: Just by swapping out blue jeans for white ones, you instantly have a summer-ready look.


(Image credit: @lindseyholland_)

Style Notes: This year's striped jumpers feature some subtle, extra details—like the contrast sleeves pictured here.


(Image credit: @emmanuellek_)

Style Notes: A fine-gauge knit tucked into high-waisted jeans is such a sophisticated idea.


(Image credit: @helenacuesta)

Style Notes: You can veer away from the traditional—this bolder cardigan option makes quite the statement with plain trousers.


(Image credit: @anoukyve)

Style Notes: A striped fleece or zip-front sweatshirt looks so good with dark-wash jeans and flats.


(Image credit: @_jessicaskye)

Style Notes: A Breton knotted over the shoulders of a trench coat? Chic.


(Image credit: @basicstouch)

Style Notes: Collared Bretons are having a bit of a moment—this Arket style sold out fast but is finally back in stock (and in my edit below). It's the details in each of these pieces that make a simple ensemble stand out.


(Image credit: @naaomiross)

Style Notes: A cosy striped jumper with wide-leg trousers and sneaks seems like the perfect weekend look.


(Image credit: @erika_boldrin)

Style Notes: A neat Breton cardigan under a blazer? Very Coco Chanel.


This post was originally published at an earlier time and has since been updated.

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