Chrissy Teigen Wore the Dress Outfit Trend I See Every Time I Visit L.A.

If I had to sum up Chrissy Teigen's style in one phrase, I'd say that it's trend-forward L.A. girl. Breezy dresses, heels, It bags, cutoff shorts, oversize blazers, and miniskirts are some of her staples, and she's skilled at putting them all together. That's what she did this week in Beverly Hills when she wore an outfit trend I see pretty much every time I go to Los Angeles (which is a few times a year), without fail.

The outfit consisted of an oversize blazer, floral-print minidress, and mid-calf boots (although sneakers, chunky loafers, or any other heel style would work equally well). It just so happens that a typical L.A.-girl outfit is a great outfit idea for most climates in the spring and summer, and that includes this outfit. So if you have a blazer, minidress, and any of the aforementioned shoe styles, you're set with this outfit trend. Lastly, I think it goes without saying but it must be said: Two Chanel bags are better than one. Keep scrolling to shop the look.


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On Chrissy Teigen: Frankie Shop Isla Blazer ($155); Saint Laurent Floral Silk Minidress ($1390); Chanel bags; The Attico Venus Boots ($952)


(Image credit: MEGA/GC Images)

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