If You're Too Cool for Leopard, Wear This Print

Leopard print has made quite a name for itself in 2018, and dare we say we're a tad tired of it? Not forever, of course, but for the time being, we need a bit of a break, and the timing couldn't be better. As of late, we've been seeing a rise in a timeless trend you probably haven't been excited for since the third grade: checkerboard print.

It girls have been sporting the trend lately on everything from belts to pants to jackets and back again. Acting as a semi-neutral just as leopard print does, the striking pattern is one you'll get a lot more wear out of than you'd expect. Take it from Reese Blutstein up above and pair the print with a statement jacket and white T-shirt, or use it to accent an otherwise bland outfit. If all else fails, slip into your favorite checkered Vans and call it a day.

Below, shop our favorite curation of the (re)rising checkerboard trend and get ready for your wheels to start turning. Exciting non-leopard looks are in your near future.