Where to Get This Season's Trendy Slip Skirt Without Spending a Fortune

Slip skirts are this season’s perfect alternative to your everyday jeans. Not only do they go with anything, but they’re also comfortable and very on-trend this spring. Reminiscent of the ‘90s, the silk slip is back with a vengeance—and we’re here for it. Something about the shiny fabric can transform even a basic t-shirt outfit into a super-chic look, so we feel justified in dubbing it wardrobe staple that belongs in every closet.

Unfortunately, despite the simplicity of slip skirt, the material often tips the style towards the more expensive side of the spectrum (think, multiple hundreds). Because a wardrobe-worthy slip skirt needs to be durable enough to not be see-through but also flowy enough that it doesn’t feel stiff, the best options are usually made with more expensive fabrics like silk and satin. However, that doesn’t mean that affordable slip skirts are out of the question. Though they may be hard to find, they do exist, and to make things easier, we’ve done the hard part for you. By scouring the internet, we’ve rounded up our picks of this season’s best options. So read on to see some of the best silk slip skirts under $175 on the market right now.

See? You don't have to blow your pay checque to keep up with this season's coolest trends.

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