This Affordable Online Shop Stocks Every Major Trend of 2018

Fashion Week Australia has sadly come to an end, and though the runway shows are over, the trends they presented are bound to hang around for a while. Some of the styles we spotted on the runways have been trending throughout 2018, but others were decidedly new—and we can’t wait to try them all.

However, we’re all too familiar with the unfortunate reality: Sometimes you want to try all the trends, but realistically, the funds just aren’t there. If you feel like you’re stuck in rut, wanting to try trends but unable to afford all the designer pieces hot-off-the-runway, never fear. We’ve found an alternative. While fast fashion sites like Zara and H&M are great go-to's, they can sometimes leave you feeling like you’re wearing the same thing as everyone else.

Thankfully, we’ve discovered a more underground, affordable alternative. Better yet? The online shop stocks some of the major trends we spotted last week on the runways. From chocolate brown hues, to the ever-popular check pattern, Pixie Market is here to fulfil your most fashionable desires in replicating the this season's biggest runway trends—without leaving you broke.

Keep scrolling to shop the trends. Based on what we saw at Fashion Week Australia, these are key styles to invest in this season, and we don’t except they’ll be going anywhere anytime soon.




Chocolate Brown

Extra-Long Sleeves


Contrasting Straps

Moss Green

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