A Simple Roundup of Under-$65 Items I'm Recommending to All My Friends

You know that feeling when you come across an item so good you want to tell all your friends about it? Well, as a fashion editor, I get this feeling a lot. I usually refrain from texting all my friends about it as not to annoy them constantly, but some items are just too good to keep to yourself. Now when that item is super affordable, you alert the group chat (just being a good friend over here).

Well, today I'm here to share the aforementioned pieces that I've already alerted my friends about and that also happen to be ultra-affordable (each one rings in at under $65). From the world's best cotton T-shirt you should buy in every color to the chain-link necklace everyone will think is designer, below are the 18 best under-$65 items I've come across.

Madewell's T-shirts have a cult following because they're the perfectly cut, ultra-comfortable, and only $20. When you find a T-shirt this good, you buy it in every color. 

Chain-link jewelry is going to be huge for 2020, and this Mango gem looks significantly more expensive than it is. I especially like the double-chain detail that makes this one stand out from the rest. 

Cardigans are one of those pieces that make every outfit feel more elevated. Whether worn as a top or wrapped around your shoulders, it adds instant polish. This one from Urban Outfitters looks super cozy for winter.

This might be Zara's most-wanted bodysuit ever, and for good reason. The high neckline and sleek silhouette makes anything you pair it with look polished. Even Rosie HW is a fan, so that should tell you something right there. 

I've already waxed poetic about how great this Free People Brami top is, but it's worth mentioning again. Whether worn as a bralette or a top, this little gem is ultra-comfortable and hits at the perfect place on your torso for high-waisted jeans. 

These look like they cost about 10 times the price and the pointed toe is so chic. 

Talk about the perfect weekend shirt! This long-sleeve thermal tee looks perfectly put-together yet is secretly super cozy.

Even the most basic of outfits look cool when worn with these babies.

These are hands down my favorite leggings. The high waistband hits at the perfect spot on your waist and holds you in without suffocating you, plus the material is comfortable yet flattering at the same time. Oh, and these can make it through an entire Barry's Bootcamp class without stretching out. 

Good belts can be hard to come by, but this $45 leather version from Madewell is the ideal everyday belt. It adds polish to virtually everything you wrap it around. 

Loungewear might be one of those categories you overlook, but you shouldn't. Alternative makes the most comfortable hoodies and joggers.

Who says sports bras have to be dull? This neckline is so pretty and the ribbed band at the ribcage is beyond comfortable. 

Meet the perfect partner for high-waisted jeans. 

I own these in two colors and they're by far the most comfortable sandals I own. They're also a minimalist's dream. 

Behold, zero underwear lines. These virtually invisible thongs are my secret weapon for thin materials. They don't show through even the thinnest of silk skirts and dresses.