I Never Scrimp on Quality—These 20 Picks Are Affordable and Made to Last

The best affordable, high-quality pieces



In my earlier days, I always thought a high price point meant a quality product. As I've gotten older (and possibly more cynical), I've realized that's not the case at all. You can pay steep prices for low-quality products, but you can also find some real gems for affordable winter fashion if you know where to shop.

Whenever my friends are on the hunt for a specific item, there are four retailers I always recommend to them for good quality pieces at prices that will surprise them (in a good way). From the ethical retailer that makes excellent basics to the under-the-radar spot where I find pieces that always get me compliments, below are the four places I turn to when I'm looking for affordable items that stand to the test.


Best affordable winter fashion



Everlane is one of those retailers that once you discover it, you're hooked. Known for its ethical practices and standard of transparency, Everlane produces quality basics that you can feel good about. Not only are they produced in factories use ethical practices, but it also sources the best materials so that the pieces are built to last. I'm a huge fan of Everlane's sweaters and love that the perfect-fitting denim usually comes in at under $100.

This might be the greatest trench coat I've ever seen and it's under $200.

Mango Quality Basics



Mango is the affordable retailer I turn to for cool pieces that are far from basic. From chic trousers to structured blazers to jewelry that could be mistaken for designer, Mango is the retailer that keeps on giving. The prices are a bit higher than most other high-street retailers, but so is the quality. It's 100% worth spending a bit more to have pieces with better materials and polished tailoring. 

Let's add some color to that wardrobe of yours.


Quality Basics



Pixie Market is the hidden-gem retailer I turn to for seriously cool pieces nobody else has. The price points are super reasonable and every piece I own from the brand has stood the test of time. I'm always surprised by how expensive-looking its products are once I receive them in person from my online purchase. They always manage to garner compliments.


Madewell Boxes Quality Basics



When you need quality leather goods or new denim, turn to Madewell. I've gotten my favorite belts and work bag from Madewell and am always impressed by its T-shirt cuts and quality. It's no wonder the brand's tees have such a cult following. 

Jewelry is the best accessory to make your look feel a bit more luxurious.

Is it a cardigan? Is it a shacket? Or just a regular jacket? I love how much this piece is making me think.

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