We Tried Every Shade of Charlotte Tilbury's New Lipstick Collection

When it comes to the most-wanted cult favorite lipsticks in the industry, iconic shades like Pillow Talk and Very Victoria from Charlotte Tilbury are the ultimate currency. Everyone from beauty editors to royals (ahem, Meghan Markle) tout Pillow Talk as a staple bullet within their lipstick wardrobe, and Charlotte Tilbury herself is one of the most highly lauded makeup artists in the business. She's the magic behind many of your fave red carpet and runway moments, including that little thing called the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

When we found out the ultimate lipstick queen was launching a brand-new collection inspired by 11 iconic women—from Amal Clooney to Jennifer Aniston—our heart rate immediately spiked. Enter Hot Lips 2, the anticipated successor to the brand's original Hot Lips Lipstick Collection, which launched back in 2016 and was inspired by such notables as Nicole Kidman, Salma Hayek, Emily Ratajkowski, Kim Kardashian West, Victoria Beckham, and Kate Moss.

Additionally, there's an amazing cause involved—as if you didn't need even more incentive to add each of the 11 shades to your shopping cart. "Launching June 20th, Hot Lips 2 will be the ultimate empowering collaboration to inspire #LIPSTICKCONFIDENCE and change lives, benefiting Women for Women International with a truly magical £1 million (aka $1,255,045) pledge to the charity," a press release from the brand states.

Tilbury has been a Global Ambassador for Women for Women International since 2016, committing to helping women survivors of war rebuild their lives, and the pledge is one of the largest corporate donations that the program has received.

Since I can remember, I have always believed that lipstick has a magical, secret, transformative power," Tilbury explains in the same press release. "I would watch my mother Patsy applying her ruby red lipstick. She would always tell me as she put it on… lipstick is instant glamour and it will take you anywhere! I understood from an early age that lipstick empowers confidence. It was an act of instant beautification, confidence, and strength! It pulled her style together and painted on a happiness! At first, it was just my mother’s magic ritual, but soon I observed how it affects other women. There was a psychology to makeup. If you look good, you feel good and the world reacts to you in a powerful way. IT’S HAPPINESS IN A TUBE…” 

The Hot Lips 2 Collection is officially available on Charlotte Tilbury's website and Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Wonderlands today, and in all doors from June 27 and onward. Curious to know more about each special shade and what each lipstick looks like on? Keep scrolling! WWW HQ tried on each of the 11 shades, snapped, selfies, and weighed in with our honest thoughts. 

Enigmatic Edward, Edward Enninful

"I don't wear makeup, but I love anything that gives me a natural boost, and this Hydrating Clear Lipstick does just that. My lips feel glossy, and the tone feels right. This product is far beyond anything I've tried thus far. Needless to say, I'm obsessed! " — Samuel Schultz, Video Producer

Charlotte's Inspiration: “Edward Enninful is famous for his lips! He is such an iconic inspiration and I’ve always adored the shape of his lips; photographers are obsessed with them! So, I knew I had to create the best, most moisturizing formula. This timeless, comforting lip conditioner is as clear as Edward Enninful’s vision. Everyone needs this, beautiful, cocooning lipstick in their lives.”

J.K. Magic, J.K. Rowling



"I love how beautifully the lipstick glided on, and it's the perfect everyday neutral shade when you want that no-makeup makeup look." — Judith Jones, Market Editor

Charlotte's Inspiration: “I have always had a magical connection with J.K. Rowling, she is an inspirational icon to me. I have often used Bitch Perfect and Pillow Talk on her, and so I wanted to create a soft, flattering pink-kissed-with-nude that was a magic peaches and cream sister to these two! This shade compliments her flawless complexion and beautiful, piercing blue eyes. It looks great worn as a blush on the cheeks for a fresh, pretty pop of color. This shade will add magic to your every look."

Red Hot Susan, Susan Sarandon



"This is the best take on a bold red that I've tried in a long time. If you're skittish around red lipstick, I'd definitely consider this more approachable. You see the orange and brick tones more in the tube, but when you put on the lipstick, they're a bit subtler. The matte texture feels modern, but not very drying, though a layer of moisturizer under the lipstick helps for a super-smooth application." — Kat Collings, Editor in Chief

Charlotte's Inspiration: “This is a universally-flattering, dynamic daytime red with the most wearable tawny orange-red tones. This is another nuance of red! It has a modern matte texture that is so easy to build – you can wear this on the red carpet, on a date or to an interview! This color really brightens Susan Sarandon’s complexion and complements her auburn locks and big brown eyes perfectly. It is a versatile, accessible red that is super-flattering for all skin tones. It’s the ultimate chic red.” 

Dancefloor Princess, Kylie Minogue



"I reached for Dancefloor Princess—a name I really responded to. While I dig the pinky-peachy hue (and the association with its namesake, Kyle Minogue), the finish is more iridescent than I would normally wear." — Michelle Plantan, Executive Director of Creative Strategy

Charlotte's Inspiration: “This dreamy, pretty, ’60s cool-girl, pop-pink lipstick is a hit with every skin tone. We’ve worked together on everything from magazine covers to album covers, and I am always inspired by Kylie Minogue’s classic beauty… she’s the ultimate dancefloor princess. Kylie wanted to have a luminous soft pearl running through the shade to create the illusion of fuller, wider-looking lips. This cool pink shade looks great with a smokey eye.” 

Amazing Amal, Amal Clooney

"It's no secret that Amal Clooney is the epitome of elegant, timeless style, and this lipstick shade embodies just that. Amazing Amal is the perfect shade of berry-pink that I've been searching for, and the smooth texture gives you a flawless hue on a single swipe. If you're looking for an everyday color or maybe a little something to accentuate your natural rouge lip, this is the shade for you." — Schuyler Youngstrom, Partnerships Manager

Charlotte's Inspiration: “Amal Clooney is the most inspiring, incredible role model. She has such a timeless poise and elegance, and she wears makeup in a very chic, effortless way! I wanted to create a soft elegant, berry-pink with the neutral-ness of warm berry, that can be used as a stain, or to add an enlivening pop of color to any outfit. Amal would wear this to a red carpet or to make a speech.”

Angel Alessandra, Alessandra Ambrosio

"I tried the shade called Angel Alessandra, and I love this nude-ish shade with my skin tone. It was very smooth, creamy, and very hydrating for my chapped lips, haha!" — Darin Medina, Financial Operations Manager

Charlotte's Inspiration: “Alessandra is the ultimate angel, and this is the ultimate angel beauty secret! It has this fresh, sheer, juicy texture that enhances your tan, and makes you look glowing and gorgeous in seconds. I created this perfect sunset, peachy nude that makes lips look instantly fuller and wider, and completely naturally gorgeous like Alessandra Ambrosio. It lifts the complexion! A lot of people with deeper, tanned complexions struggle to find the perfect nude, as it can wash them out… This is the perfect nude lip they’ve been looking for!” 

Glowing Jen, Jennifer Aniston



"It's always been a lifelong dream of mine to be (or at least to channel) Rachel Green, and this Jen Aniston–inspired lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury might be the closest I ever get. I'm generally not a matte lipstick kind of girl (I need some sheen!), so I love the extra hit of hydration and subtle shine the brand's iconic K.I.S.S.I.N.G. formula provides.

"As for the color, it's perfect. Variations of rose are my go-to when it comes to lipstick—seriously, my top three shades all have the flower somewhere in the name—and this tube stuck out to me because its dusky hint pretty much looks like my lips, just a few octaves intensified. It's a great middle ground if I want to look like myself, but maybe just a tiny bit better, and I'd easily wear it both to the office or for a night out. Plus, has anyone else mentioned how great these lipsticks smell?!" — Erin Jahns, Associate Beauty Editor

Charlotte's Inspiration: “Jennifer Aniston is known for her lit-from-within goddess glow—she’s a Queen of Glow! And so, looking at her sun-kissed complexion, I wanted to create a tawny beachy rose that would complement her effortlessly beach-but-chic vibe. This is a universal color that looks good on everyone! It enlivens the complexion to give you instant looking health! This shade looks flattering on everyone, everywhere. If you have hazel green eyes or blue eyes, the beachy rose will add a pop of color to the face and it will make your eyes look brighter! The texture is SO fresh. Whether you’re on the red carpet or going for tea, it brings the beach in a glowing, sophisticated way!” 

Carina's Star, Carina Lau



"I normally go for darker colors since I’m lazy and just do a statement lip and mascara most days, but I decided to go for a more neutral, softer shade. It’s a little bit more coral, orange-y on me than it looks in the tube, but I think it’s just the right amount of color. Plus, the brighter shade is great for summer." — Sarah Yang, Managing Editor of The Thirty

Charlotte's Inspiration: “Carina’s Star, inspired by Carina Lau, is a wearable, fresh, illuminating, modern peachy soft coral that transports you to a magical land of stardom! The nuanced color enlivens the lips and has a subtle brightening effect, while the modern matte texture makes the lips look instantly fuller and wider. It’s a pop of color that suits every skin tone
and looks good on everyone from 18-80.”

Viva La Vergara, Sofia Vergara



"I love this lip color. A little goes a long way. It's not too drying like other lipstick brands. It's subtle, soft and not too bright for my skin tone. It's perfect for a casual work day, and it's safe to say I'm obsessed with it!" — Kia Topps, People & Culture Coordinator

Charlotte's Inspiration: “Viva La Vergara is inspired by vibrant energy and sensuality. It is a flattering soft wine shade; the perfect wearable nuanced color like my best-selling Walk of Shame shade. I worked closely with Sofia Vergara to come up with this color. It has a painterly texture that blends with the natural pigment in your lips and sets beautifully.”

In Love With Olivia, Olivia Palermo



"As a non-lipstick wearer, I was pleasantly surprised by this product. I went with the shade I'm in Love with Olivia, and I have to say, I am. It went on super smooth and felt hydrating. I typically struggle with this weird issue with lipstick where it won't apply to the inner portion of my pout but had no issue with this one. I'm even tempted to try the bolder colors." — Alex Flowers, Affiliate Manager

Charlotte's Inspiration: “Everyone is in love with this super-flattering, sumptuous pink. It is so effortlessly polished and stylish! Olivia Palermo is the queen of style, and this lip is the perfect accessory to every outfit because it looks amazing on everyone! It’s your lips but better! You will be pretty in pink with this lip.”

Patsy Red, Patsy Tilbury

"While I typically opt for Fenty's Gloss Bomb, I was pleasantly surprised by Charlotte Tilbury's classic red shade. To be honest, rarely do I find a red color that fits my complexion; some either make me look vampish or clownish. But Patsy Red feels like the right mix between a pop of color, with a touch of class—plus it survived 30 minutes of me trying to find my selfie light and a chocolate glazed donut. " — Jasmine Fox-Suliaman, Community Manager

Charlotte's Inspiration: “I always say everyone should be more Patsy so, I created this lipstick in homage to my glamorous mother Patsy Tilbury!! She is one of my biggest inspirations and has always been full of great beauty advice!! She introduced me to the positive, powerful world of makeup and beauty. I remember watching her from a very young age, with her perfectly painted red nails applying her red lipstick, she would never leave her house without makeup on!! She taught me about the confidence-boosting powers that wearing makeup brings and how she felt instantly empowered the moment she put on her favorite red lipstick!! She always says, a red lip can take you anywhere!!! And this is an iconic, statement red lip! It’s instant glamour in a tube!! It instantly brightens and pulls an outfit together.”

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