Elevate Your Airport Outfit With These Easy Tricks

There are few sartorial ensembles as tricky to pull off as the airport outfit. On the one hand, you want to be pragmatic—what you wear should be simple enough to get you through security rather swiftly (so much for layers and metal accessories) and cozy enough to keep you comfortable through any layover or flight delay that comes your way. It goes without saying that pragmatism and comfort don't always go hand in hand with looking chic, hence our dilemma when dressing for travel days.

Despite the challenge in balancing these seemingly binary functions—being cozy and looking chic—it is possible to achieve the two simultaneously and to great effect. Our favorite fashion girls demonstrate how to instantly elevate an otherwise comfy airport outfit by adhering to some simple rules. By following any one of them (or a fun combination thereof), your look will be polished and put together without compromising on comfort.

What are the tricks? Dress in all one color (black is a fail-safe go-to), cover up with a statement jacket, and, if you feel so inclined, sport coordinating athleisure. No need to don heels or deck yourself out in designer duds. Take note for all your impending holiday voyages and travel in style while still staying comfortable during even the longest long-haul flights

Here are the straightforward tricks to take your style sky high the next time you fly.