It Girls Can't Stop Wearing These Cool and Comfortable Airport Outfits

Now that Halloween has come and gone, the holiday season is officially upon us. Thanks to the festive time of year, which is filled with its family get-togethers and celebrations, there’s a good chance you have a full calendar from now until New Year’s Eve. And if your family is in a different area of the state or country (or world!) from you, then you’re probably also have at least a flight or two in the weeks ahead—and if you’re anything like us, comfortable airport outfits (that are also chic, of course) are an absolute must.

Look, we could always turn to our favorite T-shirt and jeans combo for a quick 2-hour flight, or even a coordinated sweatsuit ensemble for those longer trips. However, there’s something about to be said about looking put-together for any occasion—including your jet rides across the country.

So, are you with us? To help you plan out an airport outfit that’s both stylish and comfortable, we pulled together looks from our favorite It girls for sartorial inspiration. Check them all out below.

Bomber jacket airport outfit



Style Tip: If you're planning on wearing a classic jeans and tee look, give it a cool edge with a bomber jacket.

Comfortable airport outfit with polo shirt



Style Tip: Want a comfortable look that's still polished? Swap out your T-shirt for a polo instead.

Beige airport outfit



Style Tip: The easiest way to make sure you look elevated throughout your flight is by wearing a timeless monochrome outfit.

Airport outfit sweatsuit



Style Tip: When in doubt, you can always turn to a coordinated sweatsuit.

Comfortable knit airport outfit



Style Tip:  If you wear knit separates, like a sweater and a ribbed knit skirt, you'll always feel chic.

Polished airport outfit



Style Tip: In case you're headed off to a business trip and want to feel extra professional, layer a wool coat over a structured blazer and trousers.

Unique comfortable airport outfit



Style Tip: For a look that will, without a doubt, feel comfortable and chic, wear a pair of knit pants and a blazer. 

Style Tip: If you're the type of person who falls asleep easily on planes, you certainly won't regret wearing an oversized sweater.

Style Tip: Give your standard sweatpants a cool update with a fleece jacket.

Style Tip: There's a reason an all-black ensemble never fails.

Style Tip: If you're looking for a sleeker alternative to sweats, try a pair of track pants instead.

Style Tip: A chunky turtleneck sweater with a pair of cargo-style pants is undeniably cool and comfortable.

Comfortable airport outfit with pleated skirt



Style Tip: If you happen to be hopping off the plane straight to the next event, wear a timeless pleated skirt with a cozy sweater.

Simple and comfortable airport outfit



Style Tip: Trust us, you will never go wrong with an animal print.

Cozy airport outfit with fleece jacket



Style Tip: Who said you couldn't wear your pajamas out in public? Sport a pair of comfortable printed pants and a fleece pullover to keep you warm on your flight.

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