8 Fashion Items Celebrities Keep Posting on Instagram

Despite leading very busy lives, celebrities frequently find the time to post the fashion items they're wearing on Instagram. And per usual, we've been noticing quite a few sartorial similarities this season. In fact, so many have been jumping out at us that we decided it was time to point them out all in one place.

It seems like more and more, Instagram is the place to go for spotting the latest trends and how to style them. And since the world largely looks to celebrities to dictate said trends, when Bella Hadid or Kim Kardashian West post one, it's not to be ignored. Some of the fashion items in the slideshow below are as fresh as they come, while some have been around for a minute (but continue to grow in popularity). The commonality is that we've spotted them all in multiple celebs' posts as of late. So keep scrolling to see the eight trends that keep popping up in our celeb-heavy Instagram feeds and shop our picks for each.

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Opening Image: BAHE/Backgrid