9 Things That Are Now Trends, According to Celebs' Instagrams

We've made it a fun habit of ours to, every few months, compile the things we're seeing on the Instagram feeds of multiple celebs and thus becoming bona fide trends. Since fall is approaching, now seems like the perfect time to call out the next batch of trends making waves among the celebrity set. All of these women have well over a million Instagram followers, so with that kind of reach, it's no wonder they set trends in the blink of an eye.

While many of the trends celebrities are wearing as of late are holdovers from summer, those ultra-directional It girls like Alexa Chung and Chiara Ferragni are migrating to the new season already. We can't say we blame them for not wanting to wait—it's always a good idea to jump on a trend before it inevitably becomes oversaturated. Plus, you know we'll be back in a few short months with a whole new batch of celeb-approved trends, so you might as well invest in these before the tide has moved on.

Keep scrolling to see which pieces are trending on celebs' Instagrams and shop them for your own feed.

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Opening Image: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Revlon