The "No Pants" Outfit You're About to See Everywhere

As fashion people, we're no strangers to a little sartorial adventure. While we all tend to stay within our style vibe (I lean heavily on my jeans and basics), we're always down to test out a fresh new trend and something that might seem "risky" at first usually doesn't phase us. Keyword usually. There are certain looks that are more out-there than others (we're looking at you, "napkin" tops and naked dresses).

Luckily, today's outfit trend is on the more wearable end of the risk-taking spectrum and, even better, it only requires two basic items: a big blazer and tall boots. It all comes down to the styling with this one—fashion people are opting for an oversized blazer and throwing it on top of a mini skirt or a mini dress so that from a certain distance it looks like they're not even wearing pants. Finish it off with either of the current boot trends, knee-high or chunky boots, and voilà, the casual blazer outfit you're going to see people repeating over and over this fall. Scroll down for plenty of photo evidence and, of course, shop our favorite blazer and boot pairings.

Classic, cool, and on-trend, this combo is already winning fall 2020.

oversize blazer with boots outfit



Chunky-soled ankle boots work just as well here. Add tights underneath for some added warmth.

blazer outfit trend



Or, if you want to keep it classic, wear a plaid blazer with black leather boots. I wouldn't be surprised if you already had the fixings of this formula in your closet already.

Layer a crisp button-down shirt underneath for some added polish.

As you can see here, it really doesn't matter what base you wear underneath the blazer but solid colors tend to work best.

blazer with tall boots outfit



As for accessories, anything is fair game. A baseball cap? Why not. Chunky jewelry? Bring it on.

blazer with boots outfit trend



The combo itself is pretty simple, so if you want to add more interest, a printed mini skirt is a great way to go.

casual blazer outfit for fall



Even though Lucia isn't French, there's something undeniably Parisian about this look, no?

blazer outfit trend



Retro accessories like oval sunglasses and a lady bag are welcomed additions.

Animal print boots take this look to a whole new level.

casual fall blazer outfit



This one goes out to everyone who stans an all-black look.

If you do actually skip pants or a skirt with this look, spandex shorts are a great option that won't show through.

When it comes to the blazer, the more oversized the better, if you ask me.