5 Trendy Basics Women Over 50 Are Indulging in This Fall

Ready for a roundup of trendy, new basics? Because these ladies ahead are the queens of dressing to the nines day in and day out. Whenever I am in need of a sartorial pick-me-up, I always turn to a few of my favorite Instagrammers who just so happen to be over 50. To me, age is irrelevant when it comes to fashion and style, and the below images will prove exactly that. When it comes to the women's style featured here, it is clear that they always pay attention to the finer details of an outfit. After taking a deep dive into their recent looks, I was able to identify five fall wardrobe basics that I can only describe as beautiful

Ahead, discover the trendy basics these women are taking a strong liking to right now. In this context, "trendy" doesn't have to mean hard to wear or over-the-top. Instead, it just refers to the updates that make each item feel more current and will make any outfit look fresher. Scroll down to read exactly what we mean.

Strong Shoulders


(Image credit: @squarepearls)

There's a new T-shirt trend in town, and it's officially become the uniform of everyone in fashion. Meet the shoulder-pad T-shirt. Ever since The Frankie Shop first debuted their Eva tee earlier this year, the shape has really taken hold and earned itself a staple spot in our fall wardrobes.


"Untailored" Tailoring


(Image credit: @greceghanem)

Tailoring continues to have a big influence on basics like blazers and trousers, but this season, we're seeing a lot more relaxed silhouettes like long hemlines and languid shapes that feel "untailored." The one-piece to invest in? A pair of neutral-toned trousers with a wide-leg fit.


Knit Dresses


(Image credit: @venswifestyle)

Among all the dress trends on deck for fall 2020, knitted dresses have got to be our favorites yet. They're timeless, versatile, and so comfortable. This season, it's all about those details like an asymmetric neckline or belted waist that update them from the plain sweater dresses of years past.


Wide-Leg Denim


(Image credit: @squarepearls)

Let's be honest—when is denim ever not on our list for fall? I'm including wide-leg jeans as part of these "trendy" basics since the wider fit feels so fresh. Take a cue from Elaine here and wear yours with a pretty puff-sleeve top.


Stirrup Leggings


(Image credit: @venswifestyle)

Last, but certainly not least, is a fresh legging trend you're about to see much more of. We've started to spot stirrup leggings on the stylish over-50 set and their cool looks are signaling the rise of this updated basic for fall. We love them styled with a kitten heel and boxy blazer like Renia did here.


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